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  1. We have an ant problem we just noticed. Anyone know of a decent exterminator in the Cleveland area?
  2. Here is a sug;

    Don't know what type of ant's ya got? If its the little bitty ones, they are being attracted to a food source in the house? Go to any local hardware store & get a product called " T E R R O " Good stuff, follow directions, they take the stuff down into their nest & it kills'em.

    2nd. If it's the BIG BLACK (carpenter) ones they are the most DESTRUCTIVE! They start their nest & eat away at wood. All in your walls or in rafters, joist, whatever. Don't hesitate they cause MAJOR DAMAGE. Call a bug killer that will give you a IRON CLAD guarantee. If after treatment they will come back whenever you see another one, NO CHARGE.

    3rd, DONT WAIT.


  3. Terro works great for ants attracted to sugar. (probably the case if they are small in size.) If you do not know what they are attracted to place a drop or two of maple syrup (sugar) on a piece of small paper and a smudge of peanut butter (fat) on the paper also. Place it very near their trail but not on the trail. In no time you will know what they prefer. If you get a chair or get down on the floor you can watch the ants and determine where they are entering. Follow those little buggers as they will follow a defined trail. If you use Terro read and follow the directions. Place the Terro as close to the ants entry point as you can. In a day or two your problem will be gone.
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    3rd vote for terro.... from my experiences they will totally eliminate the big black and small brown ants. awesome stuff....the best. i like the 6 packs that you cut the end off with scissors. place them in all the areas that you see ants, they will have a few entry points, ie. one in the kitchen, one in the basement, by the different walls, etc.
  5. We tried the terro and hundreds of ants came out. It seemed to work but now we are seeing a few ants here and there. Someone PMed me a name and number of an exterminator, but they never called back. Anyone know of a good one around Cleveland?
  6. They are living (nesting) in wet wood. Need to find that spot.

    Exterminator guarantee means they will keep coming back and charging you $$ till they are gone. Been there.
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    I had an old porch that needed to be repaired and since the wood was rotten on the south side - it was recommended that I get an exterminator. I called General Pest since they had come out and did the pest inspection when I bought the house. They did a good job and offered a return visit (or two - can't remember).

  8. Same thing happened for me. The terro works, let them keep taking it back to the nest. There are likely multiple nests or its very large. Takes a little time for all the ants to become exposed.

    As long as its the little ants, the terro will work. If its the big wood eaters....go the professional route.

    Good luck.