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Extending a Rod Butt

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by ChugBug, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. ChugBug

    ChugBug ChugBug

    Has anyone ever extended a rod butt. I have an old 7' st criox that I want to convert to a 7'6'' for early season muskie presentations (small bucktails and rattle baits). Can anyone help me with this process?
  2. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i'm no rod builder,but i think i'd just live with the 7 footer,or buy a longer one.the only way i can see to do it would be to expose the end of the blank and slide some kind of splice into it,then rebuild the handle.not sure what you could use to keep from losing strength in the butt end.
    maybe one of the resident rod builders has a solution.

  3. Depends if you just want a longer butt, or want to move the reel seat down as well.

    To get a longer butt, take the butt cap off. You might have to cut it with a utility knife if it's glued on tight. This should expose the rod blank. Now you have to find a section of scrap rod that will fit the taper. Use at least 6x the diameter inside the rod blank (eg: if the blank diameter at the butt is .500 inches, then the scrap piece wants to be 9 inched total - 3 inches up in the blank 6 inches sticking out.) sand any finish off the scrap piece, down to the glass fiber. Wipe the inside of the rod blank and outside of the scrap with acetone. Mix up some 2-part epoxy and glue her together, with a bit of a twist to engage the pieces well. Allow to dry 24 hours. Add cork rings (from rodbuilders supply, or you can use large tapered corks from a hobby shop) of a larger diameter than the handle, glued with epoxy. When dry fit up a new buttcap, or the old one if it twisted off in one piece. Sand the new cork to match the contour. I've done a couple of rods like this over the years and they were very serviceable.

    If you want to move the reel seat, it's pretty much the same process, but you'll probably need a new reel seat, bushings, and more new cork. Also, you need to be careful at this point not to have a weak spot in the action under the seat.
  4. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    sounds to me like it would be easier to buy a new one! :p