Explosive rocks?

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  1. I was camping last night at a farm in Brown County, using a pit that we have built fires in for years. I placed one of the rocks that rings the pit near some coals so I could rest a grill on it for cooking. About 2 hours later...POW!!! There were pieces of hot rock that scattered about 6 feet from the fire, fortunately no one got hit. The way the rock split, it looked like it was some type of shale. I guess there was some trapped moisture and the added heat led to the explosion.

    My question is, are certain types of rock safer for using near a fire? Has anyone else had an experience like this?
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    I've seen that many times. Water (moisture) in the rocks caused that. Sand stone rocks work well, as does bank run type rocks. Granite or limestone are the worse for exploding. The first time it happened to me was on a trip to Canada. Man did that ever wake us up!

  3. yea...its a good thing wasnt no body hurt i never had that happen to me
  4. Not only water but also tons of timy air pockets inside of the rock too. I think they say not to use any rocks next to rivers or streams.
  5. Try an exploding chair. We got new furniture for our deer camp and decided to throw the old couch in the fire pit since it was 90% wood, Long story short we threw it in th fire, it caught and BANG! BANG! BANG!.. We didnt think to check the cushions for ammo. They were 22's and we laughed like hell once we realized everyone was unharmed.
  6. I have heard the same thing. I have never had that happen to me personally though.
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    sandstone is the worse.
    it can hold pockets of water that can explode with some pretty good force when they've been next to a fire for a while.happened to me on a survival class outing back in 1980 at ohio u. i was using a pretty large piece of sandstone as a heat reflector and it exploded in the middle of the night.scared the crap outta me!
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    I'm not sure about rocks, but we often go thru at least 1 case of spaggetio's:D