Explored Some New Water.... Indian-CRCP

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    On Monday afternoon my cousin and I went to George Rodgers Clark Park just south of Springfield... It was very hot but many unknown fish popping the top... Got 3 bluegills with a 1/64th. tube and a wax worm. One was 8in. Cousin tried for bass only to come up empty handed. Very slow day but got to try a new spot...

    Then today (08/05/08) Went and tried Indian Lake. My first time up there... Launched at Lakeview and trolled the whole south bank. Then headed past Orchard Island. Went to Taco Bell and filled up... Headed from there around 2 small islands then to dream bridge only to lose a lure... Started to the ramp about 8:15 then trolled the south bank again... Closer to shore only to lose my white light on the bottom :D Got snagged a few times but was really disheartened by the fishing... I had very high hopes for this lake but I guess you can't expect much for a first time... Looked like a good spring crappie lake but was pretty muddy... I think that was one of my first :S !Good Luck Good Fishing