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  1. While I was skinning my buck today the kids kept asking me what this bump was about 10 inches fron the front leg and 5 inches from the top of the spine. You could feel a protrusion on the hide but no visable hole. Well when I got to it I found about 5 inches of a carbon arrow and I pulled it out but no broadhead, There was no hole in the hide so it must have been from last year When I got to the opposite side backstap I found the broadhead just past the spine. Yep it was a mechanical broadhead and it never opened. Don't know the brand but I am now a firm believer of fixed blades. Why leave it to chance, this deer had its right main beam broke (2 pts)and the left had 5 pts and field dressed at 205#. I am sure it was a nice buck then and I know what it feels like to lose a deer so I am taking off the mechanical broadheads I have and they will be for groundhogs.
  2. I feel the same way. They shoot just fine for me. Way fix what's not broken.
    I shoot thunderheads and I've killed lots of deer and they most always drop within 50 yards. End of story.

    That is amazing that infection or nothing like that didn't kill it.

  3. If an arrow can find its way through without hitting anything too critical deer can recover surprisingly well. I have heard several stories similar to this one.

    It sounds like from what you described that perhaps the location of the shot may not have killed him even with a fixed blade. Or at least not killed quickly being that it missed heart/lungs and spine. But as you said an unopened mechanical is going to stand very little chance of killing.

    Congratulations on your buck. That sounds like it was a very nice deer.
  4. A friend of mine skinned a doe out last night that he got on Saturday and found a G5 Montec embedded just below the back straps. This broadhead isn't a mechancial, just a poorly placed/unlucky shot, which happens.
  5. Had bad experiences with the Rage 3 blade 1.5" cut expandables.Have gone back to the old reliable Thunderheads.
  6. Reading these stories makes me ask the question. How many deer in ohio get stuck with an arrow and never found? I am a bow hunter lost a nice doe with a mechanical and switched to fixed and killed a 7pt.I am not total blaming the mechanical for loosing the doe I made a bad shot.It would still be intresting to know how many deer are wounded or killed by an arrow or slug every year in ohio and not recovered.
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  7. The area this arrow went in still wasn't 100% healed I cut a generous amount surrounding it for safety reasons but was surprised at how well it had healed. I have seen deer that had been wounded in the same season and its not a pretty site. This didn't seem to affect the deers ability to get around.
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    This happens relatively often. I think these healed over wounds are most commonly found on deer that have experienced a high hit. Some of these high hits could be attributed to deer "jumping the string." However, I believe most are high hits because the hunter has not practiced from an elevated position. Thus, the arrow makes impact on the animal much higher than expected. Therefore, it doesn't make contact with any vitals so the deer live on, but wounded. If more hunters would take the time to practice and learn how their weapon shoots from an elevated position many of these occurrences could be avoided.

    I take a practice shot from my tree stand every time I go out.
  9. Well said!! It's location location location!!!!!!!

    So the mechanical Broad heads don't have a hole lot to do it.

    What is so great about the mechanical The cut size, accuracy.
    I know that the fixed are accurate. Does its cut size vary that much? I know its the new cool kid thing to have but do they give that much of an advantage to chance that they may not open? I'm not knocking them I just am old school and don't know the pros and cons of these broadheads.
  10. I believe the biggest pro of using mechanicals is that they are forgiving and will shoot very similar to a field tip of the same weight in most all cases. As you have probably seen over the years sometimes fixed blade broadheads can be slightly out of balance and can tend to exaggerate problems with a bow setup/tuning. Some guys get tired of shooting field tips with great results and then no fixed blades will fly right. That is almost always a tuning issue.
  11. Thank you for the info

    Most of the fixed tips I've shot have been pretty good, but I did shot the old razerbacks that rotated on a shaft super sharp. I still have them but they SUCKED they didn't fly right at all. After I posted this I seen a commercial for the rage and they advertised a really large cutting area. I will stick to the old school stuff but I wonder what they are going to come up with next. The progression of bow hunting has been amazing. honestly I have an old cougar recurve and a old Kodiak hunter recurve I'm going to start practicing them. That would be sweet to take anything with one of those.