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Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by wasserwolf, Sep 2, 2008.

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  1. Well it finally happened, The ASHTABULA RIVER FORD is now TOTALLY OFF LIMITS TO ANYONE....This is in the Lake county NEWS HERALD today...Landowners are denying all access....With the ODNR with instructions to cite ANYONE seen for TRESPASSING....Reasons given from landowners include rampant Littering, Lying-individuals identifying themselves as ODNR, Some of the incidents even include so-called Steelhead Guides!!And the grand daddy of them all " ANGLERS DEFECATING ON PRIVATE PROPERTY....I knew this was a matter of time, living out here........and i Guarantee, there is more to come.....It's always amazing how a few of the worthless can ruin so much for so many..........This is truly an embarrassment for all Steelheaders
  2. thats the same deal with euclid creek under the bridge walking towards the dam. some guy came out last year and was yelling at us and then called the police and tried to get us arrested. yeah that sucks that a few bad people can ruin it for everyone. maybe you could get written permission from some of the land owners to still fish.

  3. i hope we all post some more reports of private property so that all of the lazy spoon fed people can go there and get that posted as well.

    How many times was it discussed on this board about not posting that spot or river? IT WAS VERY CLEARLY POSTED AS PRIVATE AND ONLY ALLOWED FISHED BECAUSE THE OWNER ALLOWED IT.

    That access point that was so graciously given to use by the land owner now has closed off miles of that river to use. I would have posted it too if someone deficated on my property. I bet it did not happen just once.

    Over 10000 memebers to this site. 50-75 actual posters to this forum(Steelhead). Do you really need to pinpoint where to catch a steelhead in a river? Once you get the hang out it you will find out they are perhaps one of the easiest fish to catch in the great lakes.

    Really too bad. A beautiful river being closed off. Truelly a tragedy.

    FYI that river is about 95% private. If we keep it up say goodbye to the rest! So happy posting.
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    And so it begins!!!
  5. same thing happened to me there wasnt even aware we werent allowed there anymore til he came out chasing us off...used to fish there all the time!
  6. BINGO! someone "hotspotted my favorite stream on this board and the next day, there were probably 5 times as many people there as I've ever seen.
  7. That's right. Blame OGF for it. I can clearly remember guys posting where to litter and how much fun it was to dump in someones yard.

    Maybe we should get rid of the steelhead section altogether.
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