Evinrude Sparkplugs?

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  1. I have a 2001 Evinrude 9.9, 4-cycle. I have read the manual and there is nothing in it as to which plugs I should use or what gap to use. I know I could pull a plug to check, but the boat is at the lake and I am home. I probably won't get to the lake for 2 weeks and would like to take the plugs with me.

  2. Stick with Champion plugs for marine motors.
  3. Interesting to read your comment regarding Champ versus NGK plugs. I switched from Champ to NGK in my kicked 9.9 Johnson and get much better performance. Found the NGK to hold the gap longer as well as burn cleaner.
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    i felt the same as shortdrift when i rode dirtbikes... NGK has always been my fav
  5. I'm no expert, but that's the first time I've ever heard anyone recommend Champion spark plugs for an outboard. Usually it's just the opposite, stay away from Champion for outboard engines and stick with NGK.
  6. I'm just speaking from experience, guys. I run NGKs in most of my stuff, dirtbikes, streetbikes, and atvs, and have been happy with them.

    I've tried NGK plugs in two different marine motors, an 85 hp and a 9.9, and couldn't get either motor to run right. They both did the same thing, they sputtered from 3/4 throttle to full throttle. When I asked my marine mechanic, who is extremely highly regarded in this area, about the problems, his first question was what plugs I was running. I told him NGK, and he told me to throw them in the garbage, and replace them with Champions. It fixed the problem on both occasions.
  7. Very interesting comments! One question: When you recommend one plug over the other are you talking 4-cycle 9.9 or 2 cycle? Might make a difference.

    Just to add to it all. I have an older Ford 601 farm tractor. I had Champion plugs in it and had to pull them out after an hour or so to clean them or the tractor kept missing and losing power. I was at NAPA and an other customer looked at the plugs and said, "there's your problem. Champion plugs are notorious for that". The NAPA clerk agreed and I switched to AC. No more problems.

    I've noticed that my outboard loses some power after trolling a while. If I run it fast for a while it cleans up and runs better. Not sure which plug is in it, but will find out in a week or so.

    I might buy both brands and see which works best! ;)