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  1. i have a 48 Hp Evinrude that up to last night ran good. While I was running wide open all of a sudden it just started slowing down like I was backing off the throtle. It didn't stall out on me but it would only run 6-7 MPH. I can put it in reverse and it will rev up and I can put it in neutral and use the gas bar and it will rev up. It seems like the RPMs are not getting up to speed while it is in forward. It was dark when we got off the water so I couldn't really check it out. We did check the prop and it seemd ok. It does not have a tach on the motor. After we trailered the boat I put the motor in forward and could turn the prop by hand. Any suggestions to try to at least narrow down the problem?
  2. Could be something as simple as a bad fuel line. I would make sure that the primer ball is staying hard. You may also try using someone else's tank to know for sure whether the problem is in your motor and not in you tank/fuel. Beyond that I will defer to the rest of the folks for other causes.

  3. I think its getting gas, when I put it in neutral and pull up on the lever it revs up, just when I put it in gear does it dog down.
  4. I had the same problem. I replaced the fuel lines and primer bulb. All it takes is a pinhole to suck in air into the lines. Start with the cheap and easy fix first!
  5. That would be the cheapest way out, also I'm about due for a new line and bulb. I hope thats the answer.
  6. If you have a buddy with a portable tank and the same hookup then you could just try his tank first. That would save you from buying something you don't need.
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    If you can turn the prop easily by hand when in gear, you may have a bad clutch dog. Depending on the year, Napa can get the parts for replacement. Does sound like a fuel issue, though.