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Ever hear this one-Browns fans?

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by River Walker, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. For some reason fans of "certain" other NFL teams like to bring up the fact that the Browns have never appeared in the Super Bowl(just received a message regarding that).No matter what you want to call it,Super Bowl,NFL Championship or World Championship,it's the same game-period! The two best teams playing each other to decide who is the NFL's champion for that year.If you bone up on your history,you'll find that the Browns have won their fair share of championships.Yes,the last one was 40 years ago,but that's not a whole lot worse than 30 years ago either.Without question,the Browns are the most storied team in the league,with(most people's pick)the best player of all time.I'm so glad that the season is nearing it's end,so we can get ready to listen to the wannabe Yankee's fans next!
  2. I was rooting for the Steelers last night even though I have been a Browns fan my whole life. I wanted them to win because Brian Hurst, the Columbus police officer who was killed in the bank robbery attempt, was a lifelong Steelers' fan and I used to work with his wife a few years ago (before they married). But it is amazing to me that Steelers' fans just can't let go of 1979. As a matter of fact, I think the era the Steelers won their 4 Super Bowls was the WORST era of NFL football EVER. How many games can you remember beong all that memorable? How many games from that time frame do you see on ESPN Classic?

    I know there was alot of discussion about putting this sports section on this website, but I wish the moderators would re-consider. This section has zero to do with fishing at all, and it just pits each of us against one another unnecessarily.


  3. Cmon Warpath where's your fighting spirit. :) As far as the Browns go they should just print shirts that say wait till next year on them. Warpath, have you caught any nice smallies out of Yellow Creek around Hammondsville?
    Looking to learn that area this summer.
  4. catking

    catking Banned

    Come on Warpath........ I'm not a Steelers fan, but the 70's in fact were probably the BEST decade EVER in pro football. Better check it out. Miami went un defeated, Oakland Raiders had the best winning % of ANY pro teams up that and including that decade. It was alot harder to score then, as the freakin pansy rules of now days didn't exsist , The Cowboys, Miami, Raiders ,Steelers , Redskins , Browns...... the list goes on and on. These were all GREAT teams at that time....... Today we have alot of average teams and a few good teams , and one GREAT team, the Patriots. But the 70's had at least 10 GREAT teams............ CATKING :cool:
  5. I'll agree with you CK on one point,there were some great teams for THAT era.How they would stack up against teams from all eras is another question totally.The only team from a bygone era that I think could be successful now would be the Niners with Montana.I do concur with Warpath about turning this back into a fishing site again,it's just that this entire year,we've been subjected to so much PA smack,I couldn't hold back,so glad it's over!
  6. yeah the won their last championship when there were what, like 8 teams in the league? :D
  7. catlover

    catlover Banned

    This ones from the 80's.

    A guy goes into a bar in Cleveland. He sets his dog on the bar and orders a draft beer and a bowl of beer for the dog. The bartender tells the man thats its against the law to have the dog in a public establishment. The mans says they have to watch the game. The dog is a big cleveland fan.
    The Browns are on tv, lining up for a field goal attempt The dog looks up and watches as the Browns score a 3 pointer. He gets so excited that he does a double back flip. The bartender shakes his head in amazement and goes to get the beers.
    The bartender says that is the most incredible dog he had ever seen. He asks the man if the dog does that for every field goal. Proudly, the man says, indeed he does.
    The bartender thought for a moment asked what he did for a touchdown. The man said that he honestly didn't know, he only had the dog for 3 years.

  8. I would like to give the browns credit for the championships but when I found out there were only like 8 teams in the leauge I stopped giving them credit.
  9. catlover

    catlover Banned

    One point to consider when discussing the history of the Browns and comparing it to the present. Its not the same team. That team moved. Lock, stock and barrel. The entire franchise left for Baltimore.
    Seeing the need for a team in Cleveland a new team was brought up and given the same name. They might try to carry on the traditions of the old Browns, but they wouldn't have any history before their first game.