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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by reelmanly, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. reelmanly

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    My Bud goes to register his 10' Pelican and the agency says he has to go to his boat and paper stencil the numbers [Serials} and bring it back in order to get his numbers and stickers, had the bill of sale and everything including the serial#'s, tey they told him he'd half to do this. Anyone know why?
  2. Phil Carver

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    My first guess would be because they said so ! DUH ! LOL Who knows , prob just to match the numbers up ?

  3. DaleM

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    Honestly with all the thefts we are seeing now a days, it make doesn't supriise me. Anyone can get papers for a boat they say they bought, but to get the number copied you have to assume they are sure you have it in your possession. Who know's. Just do as they say and get you licenses, that way your done with it.
  4. I bought one last year and i all i needed was the reg. and titles for boat and motor. Maybe where your friend got his done at the person didnt want to do it and told him that, so that the clerk wouldnt have to do it.
  5. freyedknot

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    i was told that too if there is no title ,only a reciept that is not from a dealer. you can take a photo of it too.
  6. I had to do this with my boat when I moved to ohio, and I had to do the same with my Inboard motor!!! boy, that was a pain in the A&&!!! I had to take all the hoses off the from of the motor just to get that dumb rubbing..