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Ever catch someone else's "one that got away"?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Banker, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. Banker

    Banker Banned

    Ever catch a fish with a lure/line hanging out of its mouth? Enquiry minds wanna know the details.
  2. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    A few years ago I caught a Channel cat with a pyramid sinker (3oz) along w/ a hook hanging from the lip out of the GMR.

  3. Banker

    Banker Banned

    I've been seeing GMR all over the place here. Seeing as how I just searched this site and still can't figure it out, what does GMR stand for and where is it? Guessing Greater Something River. Thanks
  4. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Great Miami River.
  5. Basskisser1

    Basskisser1 And A Kiss For Good Luck!

    A few years ago, we were wading and my husband and his buddy hooked into the same smallmouth. The bass had a hook in each side of his mouth. That will probably never happen again.
  6. stilesp

    stilesp Fishin Alum

    This spring my dad and I where crappie fishing on Alum and he broke his line on a fish and he kept going on about how it probably was one of those alum slabs. About 5 minutes later I caught a 7 inch crappie with his hook in it's mouth. That was a good laugh.
  7. I’ve caught MANY hybrid stripers from the Ohio River with hardware in their mouth. Many times, they come in with small bass lures in their mouth. But, they also come in with large striper lures. Earlier this year, I watched a guy catch a fish that he lost only a few hours earlier (had his topwater in its mouth).

    I also caught a nice bass last year with a Senko hanging out the opposite end. The real funny thing was that I caught it on a Senko!
  8. I know that this is going to sound crazy, but i do have witnesses to both occurances.

    Well the first time i was fishing at my girlfriends grandparents pond, and for the most park we just fish for whatever will bite a nightcrawler on a bobber. Well i had a bite and kinda watched my bobber swim across the top, so i started reeling in, and sure enough i had a fish, but the thing was that the fish wasn't hooked, it had actually swallowed the split shot and some line and i had to pull the sinker out of its stomach to get it out. Never caught one like that before. we were all stunned.

    The second time i was fishing at the same pond except this time i was catfishign with doughballs. i noticed my line was moving, but there were no runs, just gradually scooting across the water so i decided to reel it in to make sure i still had bait. When i started reeling in i noticed i had a small fish on. So i reeled in expecting it to be on the hook, but i saw the hook and the dough ball about 4 foot be hind the fish. The fish had actually swallowed the line. No sinker or split shot or anything, just the line and it was down in its stomach. If it had been a bigger fish i would have never got it in that way, but it was only about 4-5 in so it was light. We coulnd't believe our eyes.

  9. I've caught catfish and bass with hardware, but it was never my own that I know of.
  10. bronzebackyac

    bronzebackyac Crick Smallie Fisherman

    My buddie caught a nice channel cat out of my uncles pond with a purple rooster tail in its lip.
  11. stilesp

    stilesp Fishin Alum

    When we were kids we had a newly stocked lake that my dad wouldn't let anyone including us fish until the fish matured some. It was OK since we already had another lake on the farm that could fish. Anyways you know how kids are. One day we went to the lake without my dad knowing of course and all we had was some fishing line. Well the bass where starting to get in the 12-15 inch range and they were the most aggressive fish you've ever seen since they had never been fished. The lake was loaded with frogs so we tied the line on some sticks and caught frogs and just tied the frogs around the waste and tossed them out. Sure enough the bass would clober it and we would let them have it long enough and could yank them right out of the water if you were quick enough. They weren't even swallowing it they just wouldn't let go fast enough if you were quick.
  12. midoh39

    midoh39 member

    I cauhgt my own that got a way in Minnesota. I also caught a saugeye,and when I was cleaning it I saw a minnow and a hook with a slip shot.
  13. Kind of in lines with Jason's story I caught a bullhead out of the Huron river one time with just my lead sinker. He didn't swallow it, he just wouldn't let it go. And once while fishing below the hoover dam I caught a saugeye with a crankbait in its mouth. But I didn't actully hook the fish, the treble hook on my roostertail snagged the front treble on the crankbait. It's kind of like golfing and coming home with more balls than you left with. Just a little bonus.
  14. I was fishing with a buddy on a Tuesday night. He had a nice lm bass to the edge of the boat on his "lucky" rattletrap. The fish did a head shake, broke the line, and swam away. He was mad about losing his lucky lure, not mad about losing the fish.

    I was fishing the same spot 2 days later with a carolina rigged lizard. I hooked into a bass on the 1st cast. When I got it to the boat, I saw my buddy's rattletrap in the fishes mouth along with my lizard.

    I returned his "lucky" rattletrap lure back to him at our next sportsman's club meeting.
  15. I lost my itsy bitsy jig to a smallmouth on my way down stream. 30 minutes later as I came back up stream I threw into the same spot and caught the smallie with an identical jig. The smallie still had my other jig in the top of its mouth. I caught a 15" large mouth with a tube and when I put it back in the water it instantly grabed the tube that was dangling in the water. Just about lost my rod. Weirdist thing I have ever seen a bass do. Dad could not stop laughing as he told that story to the others by the camp fire that night.
  16. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    several times over the years.
    but my favorite was at buckeye a few years ago.i went a step further ;)
    i was fishing liver for wipers,off the breakwall on the north shore,along with several other people.
    i had a strong run,set the hook,and my line went sideways,but felt i kept reeling,the fish just didn't feel right.finally after gaining a bunch of line,and thinking the fish was close,i raised my rod,to find another rod on my hook,LOL.
    the guy next to me turns and says a fish had pulled it in only a minute before.when i handed him the rod,it was thumping hard,with a nice wiper still on his hook :D
  17. My story is rather gross, but still interesting... I was trolling at mosquito, and I had hooked something. As I reeled my line in I could see that I has snagged a fish. When I got it all the way in it was a nice 23-24" walleye and it was dead... had been for some time. In its mouth was a fire tiger stickbait AND an orange crawler harness.

    My wife a really grossed out as I grabbed the fish and took all three lures.
  18. Hey ITFD596, you can't pass up two lures when they're "given" to you. Both could be used again for another day!
  19. I've caught a few fish like this...all of them were carp in the 8 to 12 lb range. Some with hair rigs that busted off and others that just had the hook in their lips.
  20. sgofish

    sgofish AEP or Bust

    :p A couple years age, I walked back to an out of the way pond in AEP with a cousin who had been there the day before. He and my son had been there most of the day and really did well. I wasn't too long into the water that I hooked a nice 15" largemouth. After it took my bellyboat for a ride, I lifted it out of the water and was greeted by my sidekick laughing hysterically. It seems that the day before , the son lost this fish after a battle and broken line. His twistertail was still in the jaw next to my lizard. We did not tell him back at camp, just let him see the lure attached to my fishing hat.