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Even A Blind Squirrel

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by spiff, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. Well, if you lie about what you caught, where you caught it or when you caught it, it eventually comes back on you.

    My buddy and I decided to put some cat poles out while we cleared about 100 yards of honeysuckle from the jeep paths that we use. We put out 3 poles and just used chicken liver. The fishing hole is a private lake...

    We left the bait in for 2 hours while we cleared brush. When we got back, nothing had touched them however the wind had changed a little more from the south and caused a couple of the bobbers to drift in. We casted out again after re-charging the baits but then I realized that I had to get home for my son's 11th birthday party. So, after 20 minutes I whined about being skunked for the first time since September. I dragged the 10 foot pole in. It was in a deep hole next to a rise that came all the way back in to shore. As the chicken liver passed about 10 feet (from 16), the rod got heavy. Since it was a circle hook, I just kept reeling. The sun was as high as it gets at 12:45 in early December and I could see a fish shine about 8 feet down and 30 feet out. I dragged it in and caught my personal best bass for this year and for the last 8. It was 4 pounds, 2 ounces. My buddy took the pic and we let it go.

    Yep, that's right. I caught a 4 pound bass while dragging in my last pole in to pack up and leave while whining about getting skunked...and I caught it on a big gob of chicken liver with a 6/0 circle hook and a slip bobber. The water was in the 40's and clear... 8 degrees colder from last week. The lake probably turned again. Try to sell that one down at the local watering hole....

    My nick name all summer long was the turtle king (28 of them). Now I've got a new one... blind squirrel... The guys down the bank from us casting with spinners were...umm...upset.


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  2. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Very nice spiff, great story. Looks like a great bass!

    By the way, the bass in my avatar was caught at East Harbor during a CAG/OGF outting.... caught it on a bread ball :p

  3. Lewis


    Thanks for the good read!
  4. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    out of pure luck..i might add.. :p
    nice fish..spiff
  5. Blind Squirrels that find nuts usually end up finding their way onto OGF. :D
    Thanks for sharing a goood story with all of us. :)
  6. Tee

    Tee Team OGF

    Nice Story and Nice Fish!

  7. Nice fish and story. That will help me get through a rainy Monday. I also now know what I've been doing wrong trying to catch bass :D
  8. Looks like a little editing was done to possibly hide the Good catch for this time of year.
  9. 1st, thanks for all the comments.

    Bass fishing:
    I have found that bass fishing usually requires a boat and a trolling motor. I'm not allowed to have one yet, so I do it sparingly and rarely anymore. I only caught 3 or 4 this year, no smallmouths and only a few wipers. So, when I catch a bass it's kind of like winning the lottery for me...didn't expect it but happy it happened. This last one would have been fun in warmer water, but in 40's water with a cat pole and 60lb test, it was no contest. Make no mistake though, I was REAL happy he paid me a visit.

    Picture editing:
    Too few places to fish around here anymore that don't attract 10-20 extra fishing pals that leave cans, fishing line and general gargage everywhere, take every fish they catch home or wherever, and generally treat private and public land with the kind of ignorance and disdain that should be a shooting offense. Until I see someone besides me leaving an area with a bag of trash (not necessarily mine), all my pics will be edited if I think the place can be identified...and they probably can be by many of you guys who love it and do it regularly. Sorry for the rant, but it's a sensitive subject with me. It was a pretty lousy editing job though. The wife's a graphic designer so you'd think I would know better.

    Thanks again for the kind comments. I know that I live vicariously through all of your posts when I can't get out...

  10. What editing? I thought all bluffs in Ohio were square like that! And all Ohio anglers have stuff growing out of the backs of their heads. (Many more do than we would like to admit, actually!)

    Nice bass, spiff! My son caught a bass in Omaha, Nebraska on a chicken nugget he found laying around. And another friend of mine caught a trout on a gummy worm in Las Vegas. You just never know.