Evel Knievel dies at 69

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  1. Bummer, I grew up watching all his Wide World of Sports jumps back in the 70s, a true legend, a sad day..
    See story here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/obit_knievel

    Anyone here ever see him live??? That would have been cool....

  2. misfit

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    sad news.he was an icon for sure.never got to see him live,but tried not to miss any of his televised jumps.watched an interview with him not too long ago and you could tell he was tired,but still had that fire.

  3. Toxic

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    Man, do you know how many scars I got trying to be like him growing up LOL. Not to mention the busted up bikes from going over homemade ramps.
  4. I saw him years ago at a restaurant by my house. He was an egomaniac, and dropped the f-bomb like he was getting $100 each time he said it. He treated his crew and those around him like they were dirt.

    Other than that, he was quite entertaining for what he did. He had guts. That's for sure.
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    A true crazy man...today the daredevils have specialized bikes with 10-12" tricked out suspensions, titanium frames and ultra lite rims, etc...Evel made his jumps on 300# Harleys/Triumphs/BSAs (not sure, but along those lines) with steel frames and rims, 6" suspension, etc. He was lucky they even got off the ground! I will always remember his jump at Caesar's Palace...he got messed up! Never got to see him jump live but never missed a televised jump. Sad to see him go, but frankly he is fortunate he lived as long as he did.
  6. His main bike was a customized 1972 Harley Davidson XR750.

    Of course, it needed to be repaired every once in a while.

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  7. He rode harleys.

    Now aday they use aluminum frames and heavy duty aluminum wheels! Not ti frames and ultra light wheels.

    Not to take a damn thing away from evil because he is the godfather of the modern dare devil, but the riders of today are using the new technology and to there advantage and doing things evel could never do on a harley.

    Then you got robbie, who uses a cr500 and lacks any real riding skill, he just pins it and holds on, if he tried a jump on dirt he would eat **** because he cant manuver a bike that is going off anything other then a super mellow 100 foot long ramp. Robbie is a disgrace to his last name, and a deuche bag to boot.

    god speed to the king of daredevils. He may be a egomaniac and as ass, but he had every reason to be, when your a baddass....... you have to act like one.
  8. misfit

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    LOL.the guys in the repair shop loved him:D
  9. So did the surgeons.

  10. Robby has set twenty world records for jumping. That's one serious accomplishment for someone that lacks 'any real riding skill'

    I've ridden bikes since I was in diapers, and I don't even have one world record.
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    i been around bikes all my life because my father was a big motorcycle motorhead. when it came to bikes, loved to race. always out in the garage tinkering on his next great race bike(HD Sporsters). he loved this man almost as much as he loved elvis. as a person evel was an jerk, as a dare devil...simply the greatest there ever was!! its a sad day to me.
  12. His crew should get the records not him. They set up the ramp, all he has to do is hit the speed needed on his 500 with a speedo.

    I have ridden since 7 and raced mx since I was 15. And have no world records, but honestly look at the guy jump, back is straight and he looks like some guy riding a harley down the street. You cant tell me he would have all this attention if it wasnt for his last name. Im sorry but there is more diserving riders out there that dont get the attention that captain slobbie knievel gets.

    Ryan capes world record holder for distance ramp to dirt 310 feet, 250cc two stroke.....

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    Sad day for sure. How about focusing on what he did for the future of motorsports and to all the kids he impacted. I had every Evil Kenieval toy out. I was a true fan but never around motor cycles so BMX and home made ramps was some of the most fun I had growing up. Like him or not he was an Icon and deserve's to be remembered for his influance on generations to come. His persona and accomplishments turned alot of kids into atheletes and gave them hope and something to focus on other drugs and streets. They used the street to ride and dirt to have fun on. I prefer to rember him as great icon, seriously who would try to jump the grand canyon in some home made rocket. That is serious balls. S
  14. I heard a great interview Jim Rome did with Evil regarding the Grand Canyon jump.

    Jim: Evil what did you think your chances were of making the Canyon jump??

    Evil: I figured I had a 50/50 chance of living through that one.

    Jim: A 50/50 chance of surviving??? Why would you even attempt it??

    Evil: Do you know who the hell I am??

    The guy had balls to spare and entertained millons.RIP
  15. He probably would have had a better chance at making the canyon jump if he hadn't pulled the parachute a few feet after leaving the take-off ramp.
  16. I also grew up watching his jumps in the 70's. Imagine how rich he would have been if they had pay-per-view then!
  17. NewbreedFishing

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    Jumping in dirt is so much safer then what he did.

    Compair the weight and suspension of the bikes and there is no doubt EK had more peanuts then this whole board combined. There is no way I would set up and look at the caeser fountains without seeing your landing ramp and go for it. He defied all that is fear!! He was an old school guy that had his share of ups and downs. He was really abused by the goverment that was where he became a different person.
    His busses were made at the place my mom worked and i had the chance to meet him as a kid many times. We saw him Jump in 75 @ Kings Island. Something i will never ever forget!!

    RIP a true Ledgend
    Robert Craig Knievel

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    In my book, he was our age's hero, or at least, one of them. I grew up admiring him. It took some awful big cojones to do some of his crap. Especially when he would wreck and a few months later try it again!!
  19. There was a show on Evel tonight on the History Channel. I'm sure it will air again.
  20. NewbreedFishing

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    Was a good show. I figuered RK was a bit of a burnout....he aged alot.
    Anyone watch his reality series.?

    I was at the Robbies jump in 89 ....as a fan i really can remember the excitment i had right when the jump started. i have been riding dirtbikes since i was 4 and in the 70' every kid had the dream to soar like that.
    I sure had my share of roadrash from immulating him...

    Last night i looked at my 8x10 he signed me as a kid ....
    To Mitch: HAppy Landings, EK