euclid creek

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  1. Hit euclid creek this morning, took an hour or so to break out ice and wait till slush stopped, but after that my patience paid off!!! Hammered fish!! caught a 32 inch male, no fight in him though, lots of fish there , and all eager to chew!!! met a guy name Pat there has a baseball card of the fish he caught , largest steely caught out of the creek!! this thing was huge, he got that throwing metal , anybody know him hes REALLY knowledgeable , love to fish with him again, ok tightlines!!
  2. Is he that old guy that fishes there all the time? Sometimes with people w/ disabilities?

  3. Yeah thats the guy, hell of a good guy!! a wealth of fishing knowledge, I hope to learn more from him!!
  4. I use to fish there just about every day. I would always see him there. He is a very nice guy he has helped me a couple of times and even gave my some spawn hooks. Let me reel one in too, before.
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    Great to hear you got out. Pat is a great guy. That guy Roger is pretty good too did you rrrrrrun into him?