euclid creek near wildwood

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  1. I took a drive to Wildwood today. Does anyone fish euclid creek? Is there a small steelhead run (like there is in the cuyahoga?)? Is there any smallie habitat/action?

    It looked like you could fish the mouth of the stream at the lake, also looked wadeable for at lease a bit upsrteam~~ is it worth targeting trout here in the fall? what about spring smallies or white bass? and what about casting from the pier for walleye?


    I don't know that I'll ever get time to try but am curious.
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    Trout, smallies, walleye and channel cats

  3. I've caught steelhead there off of the pier and and farther up. The creek clears up fast while others are still muddy.
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    The breakwall is usually full of people casting for Steelhead when they come in. There are usually people fishing the first hundred yards or so of the creek mouth. I've seen a few caught in the past.
  5. Thanks, that's prety much what I figured.
  6. It has a decent steelhead run but the secret is out and its getting elbow to elbow. Be wary of eating anything out of there though. They say its the most polluted stream in Ohio.
  7. I use to fish there every day. I do not think it is all that great. the numbers are small. but i have seen some huge steelies. I saw one netted that was around 15 lbs about 6 years ago.
  8. yep same here there are some nice sized ones..just to many people cramped into such a small area for me..anymore