ethanol engine problems/10 micron filter setup

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    Info I just got from a outboard reman center.

    Ethanol gas is blowing engines up! No one is required to tell us, at the gas pumps, that ethanol is in the gas we are buying. If they put 9.8% ethanol, in the gas (below 10%), the public doesn't have to be informed. The next gas dealer can add another 9.8% and another 9.8%, when it is sold, again. Now, we have 29.6% ethanol, in the gas we are buying! Ethanol acts as a detergent agent. All the years of built up junk, in your fuel tank, comes off the sides of your fuel tank, from the ethanol. It acts like a degreaser inside your fuel tank. The particles and junk try to go through your carburetors, which become clogged. The reduced flow, leans out the gas supply and blows up your engine. Remove a sample of gas, out of your tank, shake it, and watch for foam and bubbles, to rise, to the top. The bubbles need to stay, on the top, to a count of ten. This would mean your ocatane is good gas. Look for a half inch of junk and water. This is the extra water, from the ethanol, which will lean out your carburetors and blow the engine. The brighter the yellow color sample, of your gas, means the stronger ethanol, in your tank.....which is melting plastic or fiberglass tanks......

    Currently, we are getting late model engines blown, from ethanol. This type of repair is NOT covered by the dealer warranty or by engine rebuilders. This is why, they aren't concerned, to inform you about ethanol gas...... Imagine, spending $20,000 to $15,000, for a new engine and it blows up, from ethanol! Boat US and Marine Surveyers wrote articles concerning ethanol and these problems, back in October, 2006. The dealers are selling new engines like hot cakes, to replace the blown engines, and the public isn't being informed! Another article came out in July, 2007.

    Up north, the gas stations must post signs with regard to ethanol content. Boat US recommends installing a 10 MICRON filter, to catch the particles and water from the ethanol. A MUST AND THEY SAY TO CHECK THE MICRON FILTERS EVERY BOATING TRIP! We send you a 10 Micron Filter Kit, for you to put on your fuel line.
  2. Same problem arose this past duck season. The fuel pump failed
    and carb needed to be rebuilt due
    to the gas line being ate up from the inside by ethanol and the particals embedded in these parts
    causing the failures, this was explained by the merc dealer.
    The warranty work was covered by some but but not enough and
    it was a large out of pocket expense.