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ESPN Erks me, RE: Alamo Bowl

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by captnroger, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

    Our lowly Bucs, a 4 point favorite, just dominating this game, while ESPN sees fit to take the majority of the late second quarter to do their version of a Sportcenter during the game to 'talk' about our program's troubles. What a crock. Sorry, I'm more than a little ticked.

    Their magazine saw fit to publish accusations by our Clarett which since have proven unfounded, yet they take the opportunity during their broadcast of this bowl game to continue to bash OSU's program. That's garbage.

    Anyone else catch this? Meanwhile, we let our game do our talking. We're shutting down the Cowboy's flaunted run game, not to mention leading in points and takeaways.
  2. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Yes I saw it and I agree, there is a vendetta aginst the Bucks.

    One other thing, I sure hope they dont put ted Ginn at cornerback next year!

  3. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

    Actually, I hope they play Ginn at DB or corner next year. The kid has talent, and if he can show he can play on both sides of the ball, more power to him. He's got the Trophy written all over him if he can pull it out.
  4. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    it's osu's fault for doing stupid things in theri program to get into trouble, I beleive geiger announced that there was some merit to the clarett alegations?????
  5. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned

    This is why GameDay was not permitted to be on the grounds of the OSU campus. OSU would NOT issues a permit for the OSU Meatchicken game. ESPN is a bunch of bunk. I refuse to watch games on ESPN anymore. I just listen to them on the radio if they are not on ABC.
  6. lee corso???? cant stand him!clarett, another piece of work!!a whiner who's mommy tells him what to do?I think what you see is the chaff falling from the wheat!the best of the best--ginn and QB who made a youthful mistake will make for a good future.imagine if clarett was still there, jesse jackson and j.brown would have a luxury suite to watch??I think the next 2-3 years are going to be fun to watch??wait till they get a lot of experience!!!just hope tressel keeps a good line ,both defense and offense, he's got a good stable of fast horses!! :confused: maybe when geiger leaves some of the bad news will to?

    go bucks!!--- what time are the Steelers on tv?? :D
  7. This kind of thing happens at every university. For Mark May and Trev Alberts to sit there and ridicule OSU is hypocritical. Nebraska and Pitt had the same stuff happening when they were in school. If anyone thinks that athletes don't get money or "benefits" at the college level, you are sadly mistaken and out of touch. I can remember WALKING to lacrosse practice at Kent State University and being passed by football players in new trucks. And they went 0-11 or 1-10 every year and we outscored them every year I was in college (for those of you who don't know, in lacrosse a score is one just like hockey). And these football players were from the same neck of the woods as old #13. Doesn't seem right, but it is real.

    And let's not forget...Ginn looked great but Zwick played very well and played his heart out. Like Herbie said on the tube last night. there was a reason he was #1 out of camp. You saw why last night. I will cotinue to say he was hurt during that 3 game losing streak and told no one. You saw the real Zwick last night. And he will start next year.

  8. I took notice that they spent a lot of time discussing the problems in the program when they should be talking about the game. Certainly it was worth mentioning during the broadcast, but it should not have been a big discussion DURING the game.

    I think OSU should turn down ESPN's offer when the current TV contract runs out. I'm sure network would pick up the games currntly contracted to ESPN.

    And just think... the guy who started ESPN is from right here in Ohio :(

    Warpath - Zwick performed well compared to his last 3 games, but he still looked like that guy from weeks 1-6 throwing off his back foot, badly underthrowing his receivers, and throwing some low percentage balls into tight coverage. He has certainly not impressed me with his overall performance this season, but I'd agree now that Troy has screwed up that the job is his to lose once again. Had Troy not made mistake; we'd of never seen Zwick again.

    I'm stumped about the OSU QB position - these are the best guys Ohio State can get? :confused: You've got to be kidding. Other than the Smith performance against UM; the play @ QB is not acceptable in my mind. Borderline pathetic!
  9. Dingo


    Could have had a good drinking game based on the comments last night. Each person takes a word, and each time the word is mentioned, they have to drink. Hot words could have been Clarett, sanction, fired, skybox, booster, etc.

    These commentators seemed to really want the OSU brass to resign (or be fired) due to these matters. I don't see Tressel leaving anytime soon -- the blame will probably fall above his head, since the basketball program is having the same type of issues.

    This happens all over -- it's just that OSU can't hide it as good as the others. Heck, even Cleveland State has issues with the NCAA rules -- and they have a basketball team which basically sucks and no football team.
  10. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned

    Only problem I see with Geiger leaving or given the ax........Tress will be behind him. If it weren't for Geiger putting his job on the line, tressel wouldn't have had this position. Tressel has the opportunity to put his foot down and have a 0 tolerance policy on HIS team......but so far he hasn't shown that except for a suspension here and there. Personally........I think HE should be cracking down on the guys.
  11. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    its all politics and theres alot more people in the organizations that know its going on than you would believe. Were talking multi million dollar bowl games, ensorsments for schools from advertising companies, and the money made off these players and the programs. And no one wants that to stop including the top guy and the boosters and the alumni's. Thats why most of this continues until it gets to the point that it is with the buckeyes and in the national lime light then the schools have no choice but to take a hard nose approach.
  12. I too found the timing inappropriate for ESPN to cover the Buckeyes scandals by putting them during the late game. But as the saying goes, OSU made their bed now they have to sleep in it. I know many have bashed and discredited Clarett for his accusations and probably many of them are unfounded. But Geiger even admitted that there was some truth to some of his accusations. This comment just came last week after Geiger had pretty much called Clarett a liar throughout the whole process.:rolleyes:

    I also agree that Tressel needs to start cracking down harder on violations. They are not helping their reputation by slapping wrists with one game suspensions every time we find a problem. And not all of these problems have been university problems. They have had several off campus arrests but have not seemed to find the urge to crack down as hard on these for some reason. I am a big Buckeyes fan but I am tired of pulling the wool over my eyes and pretending that this is poor old OSU being picked on by everyone else because they are jealous. Sure some of these things go on at other universities but I would like to see a side by side list of OSU's problems to others. I think at this time OSU ranks right near the top. And I remember when the other universities were having these types of problems the attitude around Columbus was not that "It goes on everywhere." All I ever heard was how dirty of a program "so-and-so" runs. And, "It's no wonder they are winning when they let their players get away with everything." Now the shoe is on the other foot.

    With all that being said I will add that, yes I still a major Buckeye fan and I will continue to support their teams. But I will not defend their actions off the field. The only way they will get the noise to stop is to crack down themselves and stay clean. Until then, all they can do is not get wrapped up in the press games and do what they went to school for, sports and education.

    Oh by the way, I was rather pleased with the Buckeyes performance the other night. I thought that everyone performed rather well. It is certainly a great positive to build on for next season. I like the outlook for 2005.;)
  13. jeffmo

    jeffmo officially unofficial!!!!

    1st off i really didn't like the fact that they were slamming ohio state when they SHOULD HAVE been announcing the game.that said,i have to agree with something herbstreit of the announcers was saying that tressel needs to start coming down hard on his players and said that he needs to make an "example" out of the next player who gets into trouble by booting him off the team.herbstreit said that tressels thinking is that "what good are we doing by kicking a kid off the team?how would that help that young man in the long run?"
    i agree with that thinking to a point.i beleive that the punishment should fit the crime.but would it be fair to make an example of an athlete by kicking him off the team if the infraction didn't warrant it just to send up a warning flare to the rest of the team?
    from what i've seen in the past tressel has handed out punishment and has given those deserving of it the boot.
    here's what really bothers me though.i think people are laying way too much blame at tressel and geigers doorstep.
    the athletic director and head coach are just that and baby sitting shouldn't be a part of their jobs.these players(and boosters) are given lectures dealing with compliance and the rules.these kids are old enough to be able to say no when someone makes them an offer they either know or suspect is wrong,and if there is any doubt in their mind that an offer is wrong then they should simply contact the coaching staff or the ad's office and simply tell of the offer and who made it.IF,and i suspect that it would be rare,the offer was legit then they could be told so.
    here's one thing that puzzels me.why hasn't the ncaa made a uniform policy that HAS to be used by every athletic department across the country???
    list the violations and the consequences that would go along with those violations.that way there could not any legitimate argument of favoritism toward a player or program lodged by the media,another school,ect.
    anyway,i was sure happy to see that ohio state brought their a should be a good season next year!
  14. Then it sounds like we need to fire the one giving the lectures because he ain't getting it done.:D

    I agree with most of what you say here. I think the only problem I have with the coaching staff and the AD on this is not that they let the stuff happen in the first place because as you said they can't babysit all the time. But it just does not seem that they are trying to develop a game plan to eliminate the problems. Maybe they are and we are not seeing it. But if they are it is not working either. I know that the ones responsible are ultimately the players and the boosters, etc. But are our players and boosters really that much worse than the players and boosters from other schools. If so maybe the university needs to be more selective in who the associate with...or continue the way they are and take the criticism along with the success it brings.:rolleyes: Because after all many of the premiere athletes are not necessarily altar boys.;)
  15. jeffmo

    jeffmo officially unofficial!!!!

    well,i honestly think that if every program was looked at with a fine tooth comb the violations would become evident.that's why i think the ncaa needs a uniform policy that covers every school.
    ohio state may need to start taking a look at their recruiting methods.just because a kid shines on the field in high school doesn't mean he's the type of person that you'd want at ohio state.
  16. For those who think that the Michigan/Alamo performances and 18 starters returning means that OSU is a national contender next'd better hope that they don't self-impose sanctions on the football team like they did for basketball - no post season play. The way I understand it, an AD does that so he can show the NCAA he is serious about correcting the mistakes. How can you self-impose sanctions for basketball based on the O'Brien issue. and then not do it for the football violations which were more serious and frequent?

  17. I hear what you are saying Teeray, but there are some differences to consider. First of all, football reigns at OSU and self-imposing probation on it would be like committing suicide for the school. I am not saying that those type of sanctions will not eventually come forward from the NCAA but I can not see the university pulling that string. The other major difference in terms of the basketball program is that they have done little lately to get hopes up for post-season success and thus a self-imposed probation seemed somewhat harmless. I am a big Buckeye basketball fan and really was bummed by it but the fact is that the basketball program falls way down the list of priorities at the university. Hopefully with what Thad Matta has done thus far and what he can accomplish in the near future that will change.;)

    I other major difference, and probably the most important difference, is "who" committed the offense. The football violations have pretty much been player screw-ups and boosters. The basketball violation was directly from the coach himself.
  18. I don't disagree with you bkr43050. Football is the priority, and if you are going to suffer sanctions, might as well wait to see if you are forced to do it before imposing them on your own program. But there is a double standard that is very obvious.

    The NCAA is ridiculous. They help create these situations with their incredibly unfair rules. Universities make millions off these athletes and it should not be surprising that a immature kid who came from an impoverished background would want his share.

    The real idiot in the Troy Smith case is the local businessman who was trying to be a big-shot. That guy should be run out of town. What a loser.

  19. You got that right!;)

    I was glad that they published the booster's name that screwed up so that he could get ridiculed. The university is also panning to take away his alumni ticket privileges. But they can not really go any further than that because he did not really break any written laws. I feel that they should be held more accountable for their actions and the temptations that they bestow on the kids. The same goes for the leeches that call themselves player agents and try to latch onto players before their college eligibilty is done. There needs to be a price paid for those who do not obey.
  20. tpet96,

    If you are watching ABC, you are sort of watching ESPN - same company. They have college football right sewn up for few more years - or until Keith Jackson takes the dirt nap.