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  1. Looks like I may have my boat ready soon latest start ever for me.If I have some seats open how long will it take to fill them? I fish Virmilion \Lorain Perch and Eyes.
  2. Just Ask If Someone Wants To Go.usually There Always Up To Boat Or Anyone Elses...

  3. jim as long as the storms stay away, drop me a line here, I'm working in sandusky all summer.

  4. hi mr. rodbuster,
    give me a couple of days notice an am sure i can help u fill the boat an live well :D
    me an my wife would love 2 go out on the big water.
    we would gladly help out with the cost of the outing gas/bait/food what ever
    we try 2 get out on the lake at least once a yr :cool:
    just pm me or post on here i check out the sight atleast once a day.