Erie ice

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  1. Just talked to my buddy at the bait store on Catawba, and for what its worth there are some brave souls fishing west of the state park. No report on how much ice though.
  2. Gill


    Heard there was an airboat rescue near there on Wed. Couple of guys on a flow. Things may have changed for the better with these cold temps. We can only hope.


  3. had good 8 plus inches in most places but ran into several patches with under 4 so be careful. will keep updates regularly


  4. capt j-rod

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    I heard the same Capt Mike, plenty of ice, but thin spots too. The quads are out, but be careful close to shore. The airboat rescue was a bunch of power hungry cops forcing people to do what they say. Those were the scouts that everyone benefitted from this past weekend. Remember... someones gotta go first.
  5. We fished yesterday out of the state park and capt Mike is right on. I myself will be there as much as possible and as long as the ice stays. If you head that way just stay on the path as you head out.