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Erie Ice Update From my friendly guide

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by CPTN.CROWN, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. After pulling shanties in respect of the gusty winds of the last 2 days, everyone is getting ready to resume business on the Put-in-Bay ice sheet which came through unscathed. Open water now exists in the South Passage from Catawba Point eastward beyond Kelley's Island. Ice flows have filled in to the west of Green and Rattlesnake Islands, buffering the Put-in-Bay ice from any immediate wind damage. Thus, in the short term at least, barring any major rainfall or east wind, and based upon the latest 7-day forecast I have seen, we will be fishing on our ice well into at least next week, possibly longer. Last year, our final day was March 2, and the year before it was March 17th.

    The fishing has still been good, with limits taken nearly every day through February. Yesterday, March 1, with the 30+ knot winds, little fishing activity was seen. This morning, myself and Rick Lewis, of South Charleston, were able to catch our limit in about 90 minutes, with fish ranging from 16 1/2" to 26". Also, some 3 dozen short (less than 15") fish, called, "shakers" by the crew of Wisconsin anglers that handled hundreds of them last weekend, were caught and released this morning. The 8 Wisconsin guys caught limits of 4 to 9 1/2 pounders over the weekend and promised a return visit next year when the "shakers" would be legal and the big ones even bigger. Another 3 guys from Indiana took 12 similar 4 to 7 3/4 pounders on Saturday, 18 on Sunday and 18 on Monday.

    With the March/April limit now set at 3 walleyes per day, the interest in coming over here has dropped off considerably. But if people want to come over and catch lots of fish, keep 3 and throw the extras back, there is a great opportunity for success until ice out. As good as it is now, the best is yet to come as the trophy-sized fish begin to pile up. Undoubtedly, a fish heavier than the state record is lurking under the ice at this very moment!

    Until next week, John Hageman-Manager, F.T. Stone Laboratory, Associate Extension Agent, Ohio Sea Grant and Proprietor, Prime Time Ice Fishing Charters 419/285-2029. Pat Chrysler (419/285-4631) and Bud Gehring
    (419/285-3615) are still operating at least through this weekend too.
    Griffing Flying Service 419/626-5161, Dairy Air 419/285-5057 and Hardwater Airboat Transport 419/285-3106.
  2. I tried calling the airboat service from John's weekly reports, but they're booked solid "for weeks" as of last Thursday. If you still want to go, you'd better find a ride (or pay the $75 plane fare). Any suggested airboat operators? Yes, I still have an itch for a pig and don't mind throwing back 15"ers all day long.

  3. I personally take the plain, alot more adventure that way :cool: