Equipment Needed for Wading Mosquito?

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  1. Mosquito Guys,
    I’d like to try wading Mosquito for slabs and walleye. I have waders with felt soles & spikes. Are these suitable? Please help me with my equipment list:
    1. Waders, felt soles & spikes?
    2. Spinning rig, noodle rod?
    3. Minnows
    4. Special minnow bucket for wading?
    5. Preferred stringer?
    6. Lures-rigging for crappie?
    7. Lures-rigging for walleye?
    8. ?
    9. ?
    I’m a real novice – Assume I know nothing in your suggestions. I did grow up near Lake Erie and caught perch & white bass and fished for walleye and northern pike in Canada. In my youth I fished with my uncle in Canada for northerns and walleye.
    Thanks for any help.
    Roger Barker
  2. I'd say beyond waders you want:

    1/8 and 1/4 oz jigheads in varying colors and some twister tails. These will do ya fine for both crappie and walleyes.

    Any spinning set up should be fine for the eyes. Noodle rod could be helpful if you want to dip minnows in the brush piles of pikie bay for crappie.

    I prefer the metal stringers with swivels. you can use this to tow your minnow bucket around as well.

    a net ( not necessary but can be very helpful).

    Headlamp- staying out past dark to get the most of the bite is a lot easier and more fun if you can see.

    Find yourself a point with a rock bottom and you should be catchin em in no time.

  3. Narf,

    Thanks for the good info. Do I use the jigs below a bobber? How do you work them this time of year? (I've never really fished a jig before!)

    Thanks again,
  4. snake69

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    I see one thing not mentioned and it's somewhere in between a "must" and "nice to have" type of thing. Get yourself a fly fisherman's vest. everything you'll be using will fit in one of the many pockets. Quite handy indeed. WalMart has them for like $25. You'll not regret it.....
  5. Snake,

    Thanks - will do. I hope to give Mosquito a try next weekend.

  6. I have several things that I will not be without when wading including a clip on net with elastic cord in the handle so it stays at your side. Most waders have D-rings to hook stuff to. I also like the swivel type brass snap stringers with rubberized cable instead of chain. A plastic snap type with nylon rope works well too but whatever it is make sure it can be worn without it sliding down or coming off in the water.
    I don't know if they're still available or not but I also have a jig/tackle box from Berkley that straps around the chest and flips down for hands free access to lures. The main thing is just to keep your gear to a minimum and what you do have attatched to you in case you go down. As far a lures, I would try to keep it simple at first with a few crank baits and of course jigs and plastic curly tail grubs. White, chartreuse, green, orange and black are good to have on hand. I prefer 2" Berkley Gulp myself because it has scent. Use as small a jighead and grub as possible as long as you can feel it hitting bottom as you slowly hop it along. 1/16- 1/8 oz. should do in lakes and heavier in rivers with current. They also make live bait containers that are attachable if you want to go that route. Bass Pro Shops or Cabelas might be a good place to look online for that stuff. Good Luck!
  7. Wading is like anything else. The more you get your feet wet, the more you will learn. :p :p :p
  8. All Eyes,
    Thanks for the tips. Your tag line and avatar are way too cool!
    OK, I know I need to just do it! This coming weekend will be the start. I do want to go as prepared as I can, though.