epoxy spinnerblades

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  1. I was watching the hunt for big fish the other day and larry was in his workshop. He used epoxy to make spinner blades and added a small bit of flash tape to make spinners that put out a lot of vibration but a little less flash. Have any of you tackle crafters done this before. I would like to give it a try but I haven't used epoxy before. Any tips and suggestions?
  2. I saw the episode tonight. He wiped a little metal polish on the spoon to act as a releasing agent, then poured some five minute epoxy into the spoon, waited a few minutes, and took the blade out of the spoon.

    Looked pretty cool.

  3. Didn't see Dahlberg show, and haven't tried to make blade from epoxy, but I would think the result would almost too brittle to function for very long.
  4. i saw that show too. and it had my wheels-a-turnin'. just like Het' said looks pretty cool. i might have to try that.:B :D
  5. Im not sure what type of epoxy he used but he was thorwing them for pike so you would think they would be fairly tough??
  6. ive melted thin peices of plastic clear over blades and the cut them around the edges with a razor blade. They worked ok. Then I wised up and bought 100 clear blades on ebay for like 7 bucks. Much nicer. Less mess and time wasted. They are lighter so they dont have as much thump as a metal blade. they are super invisible in the water though. Tried them on a spinnerbait and it makes the shiny metal arm and swivel look silly and obvious.
    I will be experimenting much more though this year.
  7. We use that epoxy for saltwater flies for barracuda, tuna, stripers, and even sharks.. It is more durable than you would think...