Englewood Metropark

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  1. Just want to know if anyone has fished this lake?And if there is any depth to the lake at all?Also has anyone seen any carp of any size come from there?
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    Eh, you might not want to fish it. Not really anything there. My dad dug it about 15 years ago. He said there werent many fish in there to begin with.

    If you do fish it, fish the ponds closest to the stillwater. sometimes when it floods very bad, some fish get trapped in there.

    There are carp, not known of what sizes are pulled out though.

  3. are there any carp in the big lake that connects to the river
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    The main lake at Englewood Dam is filled with sediment from the Stillwater River, most of it is 12-24 inches deep with the exception of the main river channel-it is full of big carp and bullheads-north end of lake by patty shelter area is a backwater type area-floods with high water and you can see all kinds of carp. Good crappie and bass fishing at ponds on Old Springfield road which is also within Englewood metropark,These were old gravel pits owned by Miller Brothers. Good luck.