Engine muffs for water to motor

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  1. This will be my first time to start a motor using a hose & muffs. It's a 2008 9.9 Mercury. I bought new muffs a long time ago for a 2001 Evinrude 9.9, but never used them. Will they work with the Merc? How can I tell if they are working properly? Anything else I should know? I want to make sure the motor is running before I take boat to the ramp and launch for the summer.
  2. you;ll find your old muffs won;t work on the new merc , the water intake is under the prop area . takes diff still muff . DO NOT START YOUR MOTOR WITHOUT WATER !!!!!!!! not even for 3seconds you;ll smoke the water pump.

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    I need to do the same for my mer 9.9 .
    Need to buy muffs.:)
  4. if you can put a plastic trash can under it fill then start your motor.
  5. I have a BIG metal trash can that I used to use. I think I'll drag it up the hill and use it until I get new muffs. Thanks for the advice. I asked a dealer at a sports show and he said, "Sure. Muffs are muffs". The also told me the threads on the pump to put grease in the lower unit were the same. WRONG! It even lists the 9.9 Merc on the pump at West Marine, but it's too big.
  6. you do know the lower unit takes oil?? not grease. just a though.
  7. I bought the regular Mercury lower unit oil for it.

    BTW: The intake on this 2008 is above the prop and the muffs fit perfectly. Haven't hooked up the hose to make sure water is going through okay. Maybe the 2008 model is different. :confused: