End rod guide replacement?

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  1. I have a Shimano baitcasting rod and a Fenwick spinning rod that I'm real partial to. Recently, I have lost the ceramic insert out of the end guide on both rods.

    Can anyone point me toward a good rod guide replacement shop in the Salem area?

    Can you buy the ceramic inserts themselves and epoxy them in or is this futile?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. triton175

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    You can buy replacement tips. Good ones can be found at BassPro or Cabelas, cheap ones at WalMart. They are very easy to change, you just heat up the old one with a lighter and that will loosen the glue and you just pull it off. Put some more glue on the rod tip (the glue should come with the new tip) heat it up and put the new tip on.
    I've done a few of them and was very surprised at how easy it was.


  3. Thanks for the help Brian.
  4. Fishin' Coach

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    Janns netcraft in toledo just fixed a couple of mine $5 to replace endcaps $10 for mid guides that need wrapped.