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  1. Has anyone heard of Bliss Creek Outfitters in Wyoming? I may have an opportunity to go on a hunt and wnated to check them out.
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    i couldn't find very much information on them.that's not to say that they're not a good outfitter though.you should check with the wyoming dnr to see if they have ever been fined or how many (if any) complaints have ever been filed against them.they should also be more than willing to provide you with a client list so you can check with some of their customers and ask them how they rated their hunts.
    shop around and learn as much as you can about different outfitters and what services they provide for your money.(care of game,taking it to a processor,taxidermy,food,camp,horses,etc.)

    here's one you may want to check out


    .i'm yet to read anything bad about his business.the elk hunts look amazing.when i retire my present to myself is going to be a guided trip with him.if you ask he will send information to you with a yearly report on their hunts.
    good luck and take alot of pics!