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  1. What should I look for in a battery, when it would be used for an eletric 55lb thrust trolling motor.
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    I used to be in love with Everstart batteries from Walmart, but learned pretty quick they lack high amp hours or reserve capacity. Check out the link above and pay very close attention to #4, it's the most important.

    I fish Ladue primarily so my batteries are very important to me. I recently purchased two new 31 series Interstate batteries and love them! We went all day in the last Ladue tournament using only 2 batteries, and we ran quite a bit too. I would of used 4 Everstart batteries, easily.

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    If you can afford them, get the optima blue top. Make sure it's the big one. I run my trolling motor 2 to 3 trips on one charge.
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    The Deeptoll EverStart batteries seem to do the job for me, But I'm only using a 35lb thrust motor. And I'm only pushing a small pond-hopper with it. I think I would up-grade to a Blue-top or Interstate if I went to 55lb thrust. A good Deepcell trickle charger is a must.
  5. AC Delco voyager marine batterys are great, no adding water after charge just hook em up and let them be. AC Delco are hard to find you can get them at Cheverolet dealer, about $ 100 but will last for YEARS
  6. sry to but in ,but who sells those optima blue tops

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    I think I've seen them at Gander Mountain. Look at Interstate batteries while you're there too, they are sweet and about $200 less!
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    Advanced Auto Parts carries the blue top Optima's, usually not in stock but they'll have it the next day, oh,, and you have to prepay at most stores. Of all the batteries I've used over the years, the Optima is the only one to get, it's sealed which means its maintenance free, and it lasts and lasts.
  9. go to walmart and buy the walmart brand deepcycle everytime i put it on charge over the winter it never lost any charge over the winter thereunder 100 bucks great battery
  10. I was at wallmart for over an hour on friday trying to return my battery then buy a new larger one. they needed a managers approval and they didn't come after 7-8 calls over the pa system then the guy had to go out and find him taking a long break. then when the guy dose come he takes his good ol time walking and looking around, I will remember you Andy :D
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    I'm an AC Delco voyager marine battery fan as well. The last one I had lasted about 15 years and was used several times a week. You have to call around to find a dealer and make sure you get a fresh one. I use it for a 55lb trolling motor as well.
    My walmart battery is the same age (3 years) and won't get a green eye when charged.