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  1. A buddy of mine gave me a Lowrance X22A a few winters ago. I'd like try it out for ice fishing, but havent a clue as to how it works, how to hook it up, what battery do I need etc.

    Can this unit be used for ice fishing? Does anybody have this unit or had it in the past?

    Any assistance or guidance would be immensley appreciated.

    PS... I've looked for the book: Electronics Fish Finders for Dummies, but havent seen it on the shelves.
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    If it was given to you, why not try it out? I had an old eagle fish finder. I built a little box to mount it on, got a battery from a Vex, put the transducer on a stick and used it for 2 years. If it is an LCD and not specifically made for the ice, the screen will be slow or discolored from the cold, but if you're in a shanty with a heater, it will work. Take some time to learn the settings on it and go fish!

  3. Wannabitawerm: That's exactly what I want to do and already have tinkered in the basement with it.

    What kind of battery do I need to purchase? Does it matter in performance what size or kind of battery I buy?
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    You should be able to get by with a vex or camera battery. I purchased one at Gander with a charger for about $20. It should be fine for your use. Heck even to put 2 of them together still weighs less than a regular battery, (And yes, I've done that, too!) If you want you can even buy a battery level indicator from a Vex to keep track of you charge level.
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    Just to add this though, there is no replacement for a Vex (in my opinion).
  6. Yep, a Vex is my ultimate goal, but until I have the coins, I'm gonna try this lil unit out and see how I fare with it. Thanks for the tips.
  7. You'll, problably, need a 12volt battery. I have seen gys use them on the ice, It still tells you if there is a fish down there or not, But you won't be able to see "RealLife motion".
  8. Ive seen people using regular fish finders even the "fishing buddy" portable type that take flashlight batteries. They must be able to see fish down there because they go hole to hole checking them. Until you are sure you will like using it I wonder if theres a way for you to run 2 six volt lantern batteries in tandem to try it out , I dont know how long the life of the batteries will be but they are cheaper and a whole lot lighter. Just an idea tho, ....theres a whole lot of very experienced people on here that know their stuff and they may not think the lantern batteries are the way to go.
  9. ...You guys all deserve a pat on the back....In this time of financial stress with our economy...You are comming up with ideas for a fish finder...and a ton of our OGF Members are going to be
    more than happy to help you solve ..your problems using another fish finder...We all can't afford to be putting $250 and up for a Vex...so we have to improvise and that we shall...What happened to the old days when a guy went out cut a hole and worked from the bottom up...We are becomming too electronic dependant...
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  10. also watched captian s use one the fish will appear at the bottom of the screen as a thin line across the bottom of the sonar unit instead of a fish symbol we figured it showed up this way because we were not in motion like you would be in a boat. watched capt s work the walleye with it though. definately worth taking but once again the fish will be a pencil line accross the bottom of unit good luck ice bucket
  11. A caution about the six volt dry cells. These puppies lose their steam out on the ice and fast. Ok to expierment with at home but do not use for serious fishing. I learned the hard way just trying to save you a headache. They do not hold charge very long in cold weather.

    What will work is any motorcycle battery. Get at least a 7AH that is 7 ampere hours. If you look sometimes you can pick them up cheaper that the standard 12 V gel cells