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Electro-Fishing Berlin Lake

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Big Daddy, May 17, 2004.

  1. Well, I had the opportunity today to tag along with the Div. of Wildlife on an electro-fishing survey. It was at Berlin, a lake I have next to no experience fishing. I've ice fished there ONCE and walleye fished at night from the 224 Causeway TWICE. It was very interesting and informative.

    Seems they're doing a study on panfish populations and growth and were checking bluegills. When they "fish", they have a long boom that protrudes from the front of the boat with electrodes that hang into the water. A generator provides the current to shock the fish and stun them. When the fish float up, they're netted and thrown into a holding tank. The fish, though dazed for a minute, do recover.

    They're restricted to shocking specific spots on the lake, all mapped out with GPS, when doing these surveys. They also steer away from folks fishing in those areas, which was good to see. We hit 6 different spots. There sure weren't very many gills stunned up.

    Those they did get, were small. Didn't matter though, they still got measured and recorded. They even kept some samples to check growth rates, flesh health, etc. Those they didn't keep were redears, green sunfish, and pumpkinseeds. These were all measured and released.

    Most of the spots had structure. Flooded willows, trees, rock. We did shock up a variety as well. The most frequent??? Walleye. Next? Carp. Must have been in a poor bluegill holding area. Saw a couple little bass, a couple decent crappie(11inchers), and some smallish catfish. I guess we weren't in the right coves or hitting the right bushes. Most of the walleye were 15-18 inchers. One was a good 23".

    I only stayed out with them for a couple hours, but it was interesting to see where the fish came from. All the walleye came out of flooded willows, in 3-4 ft of water. The gills and bass were holding more on the tree-falls, and the carp were in all structure types. LOL.

    It was an interesting trip to go on and to spend a little time on a lake I know little about. Lots of nice walleye there, crappies too, but with all teh structure, they sure have a lot of places to hide.

    Two pix to follow....


  2. johnboy111711

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    there was also a different crew working lake milton and not doing very good either. like you said the concentrated maily on deadfalls and other shoreline structure. really cool to see and i wish i was on the boat like you were.

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    i was out on berlin yesterday my grampa and i both wondered what that boat was for we see you down by 14 .