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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by crankus_maximus, Feb 24, 2005.

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    I have a house built in the mid-70's. The bedrooms do not have overhead lights. The light switch is wired to an outlet in the room. Here is what I want to do:

    1. Put overhead lights in each of the 3 bedrooms.
    2. I would prefer they be operated by the current switches.
    3. I don't care if the outlet is still operated by the switch or not.

    Has anybody done this before? I can wire outlets and hook up light fixtures, but this switch thing has me a bit confused.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks guys and gals!
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    crankus in alot of the older homes they wired a light switch to the receptacle because they just pluged a stand up light into that outlet and used the switch and wala they had a light. You have cpl choices.

    1) come off the outlet and run a wire to the ceiling to a light so your ceiling light and the outlet will be controlled by the switch.

    2) take the wire going to the outlet and run it to the ceiling for your light and then connect your old outlet to one of the other outlets in the room.

    switch thing is not a big issue they just used it to control the outlet that was designated as a light outlet is all.

  3. What might be best is to locate an electrician that would do this work for you as he can better explain your options as well as do the revisions correctly and within code.
    I have all my bedrooms wired with the upper part of the wall outlets continually hot and the bottom portion switched. You may want to consider adding another switch for the light fixture in the box and using this technique as it offers certain advantages to night lights and lamps.
  4. I agree with Shortpants with the exception of hiring an electrician. I assume the reason why you are asking fellow GFOers is so that you can do it all yourself and not fork out any bread. Some people with money will do anything to get out of work.

    Leave the current switch as is.... if you want to have a lamp plugged into the current outlet. Take out the single switch wall box and put in a double switch box. Use switch #2 soley for your new overhead light.

    Now if you won't need a lamp plug-in with the new overhead light, do what fish4free said. I would use the blue round plastic electrical boxes with the 3 wings, they're cheap and they work pretty slick. Most come with a paper template to cut from.

    I think the hardest part is snaking the wire up to the new light box. I used to work for a janitorial service and I have snaked quite a few toilets in my life but snaking wires can be a little more difficult especially if you don't have one of those snaking poles. Making the turn from the wall to across the ceiling can be a little tough unless these are upstairs lights and you have access to the attic which makes it very easy.
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    This is a bi-level home with access to the ceiling. While some people would say I should have the jack to pay someone else to do this - I don't. Plus I kinda have the skills, just not the know-how.

    I like the double-switch idea, as feeding existing wires through the walls is going to be a witch (if you know what I mean). Should they each get a 15 amp circuit or is it possible to combine them into a circuit, of sorts?

  6. Ask Harry1 what you should do.
    Have a nice time. I hate messing with electricity. Got zapped one day.
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    the one thing you need to consider first,is how is the present switch/outlet wired.without knowing that,it's difficult to determine the best approach.i don't want to make a fairly simple project sound complicated,but there are a few different ways to wire a switched outlet,which will determine how you go about doing what you want to do.
    it can be a simple job,depending on the present wiring.
    the lights will be on the existing circuit.
    check your pm's.