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electrical problem?>

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by swordfish, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. we recently purchased an 01 lowe fishing machine from a couple and we trusted them when they said evrything on the boat worked .that was first mistake. when we put the boat in i came to find trolling motor and front depth finder didnt work .the batteries had full charges.i couldnt find any blown fuses.that is the depth of my trouble shooting knowledge because im a novice boat owner can any one give me any suggestions other than taking it ti the marina an leave it set till there readyto look at it iwould appreciate it guys thanks
  2. Chances are that both the devices have plugs that are not plugged in or the plugs simply need cleaned. If you are in the Akron area I can look at it if you bring it to my house. PM me if you want me to look at it.

  3. With 12 volt DC you either don't have power+ or ground- just start tracing wires using a test light start at the things that don't work and work your way back to the fuse panel my first guess would be an inline fuse or circut breaker that goes to the bow, on my boat it's just behind the trolling motor plug panel.