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  1. Ok, stopped at grocery yesterday, and after existing my 2002 f 250 ford truck and hitting the lock button on the key fob, it did not lock. Tried several more times and still wouldnt lock. I get home and shut the ignition off, the stereo is still playing but will normally shut off when door shuts. wrong...it's still playing! Today , I get a fresh battery for the key fob thingie and it still won't work! Any ideas? Oh, the "door ajar" light has been on for 2 years as well. Also the interior lights and the truck bed light seem to stay on for an abnormally long time after exiting truck and shutting the door..like..5 minutes.
    Any Ideas???
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    i have a 2000 f250 and my inside starting to stay on longer too or to me it seems that way my radio stays on for about 3-5 seconds after the key is out and i open the door i had a remote starter and hide away strobes put on mine so maybe thats my issue but who knows.........

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    Chech your door switches some time when a door is open the remote will not lock. This could also explain the radio staying on the truck does not know the door is open to kill power to the radio. One fix might just correct both problems.
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    its a ford what do you want lol

    what the others said

    i lost power to all my windows 3 days ago i hate power stuff
  5. I second the door switch I don't know about your 2001 but on the 1999 at work it is inside the door in the latch mechanism. it's not a bad job to replace took about an hour most of that time was spent trying to get the door panel off without breaking it after you get everything off lift it straight up don't try pulling out you will break the mounting tabs off.

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    I had a problem with my 99 ranger's door light not going off I just sprayed the heck out of the door latch with WD40 and the promblem has not came back(nock on wood).
  7. my neighbor stopped over for a beer today..he's a genius at about anything. I explained my truck problem and he said "disconnect the battery and let the computer reset itself". So I did. Danged if that didn't fix the prob! everything works great. Only cost me a six pack
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    I was just getting ready to PM you with the same fix.
    Can I get a six pack?
  9. Sure larry..i think i got a six pack of iron city light laying around here. ignore the "born on" date! LOL :)