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Electric filleting knives

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Star1pup, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. If the roads are open I'll head down to Cabela's on Tuesday and plan to finally buy an electric filleting knife. I see in their catalog that they have American Angler and Rapala for sale. The American angler costs a bit more, but I want one that will last. I plan on the 110V rather than the rechargable. Anyone have any comments?
  2. sauguy

    sauguy river & muskie angler, dayhiker

    i have both the american angler rechargable and 110 volt, both are good. no problem with either.

  3. I Would Go To Walmart And Get One Alot Cheaper..
  4. I have had two American Angler and both have failed within a year. :(
    Had a terrible time getting the first one replaced per the guarantee. Took over 8 weeks! :mad: The replacement started having problems in about 8 months. :rolleyes: I figured there was no sense in trying to work with those people again. Just so you know, it was their most expensive model. I do clean a lot of fish but I don't abuse my equipment.
    I asked for an Electro-Carv knife by Blakemore and Santa brought one for me. It is advertised as more powerful than any other on the market so I will put it to the test this year. Only $24.95 and it feels good and balanced. :)
  5. I have used the rapala 110/12v knife for the best of a season walleye fishing with weekly catches of good numbers and it has help up well.The saftey on the trigger hangs up and can be very aggrevating,blades seem to go about 2 months and with 6lb and up a little more power would be nice. :confused:
  6. Don't mean to ask a dumb ques. guys, but do you cut right through the ribs with these knives? I figure that would really save time on a mess of gills. I've always done it the painstaking way with reg fillet knife, about 4 min each fish. That sucks...
    Thanks for any input

    Husky Jerk
  7. Mr. Twister Electric Fisherman fillet knife is the best I've ever owned.

    I got a cordless for Xmas, but haven't tried it yet. I'll let you know how it does Saturday.
  8. I've had a mister twister for the past 2 years. I prefer it over the Rapala. To clean them you cut right through the ribs, then rib them & fillet them. When you get the hang of it cuts it down to a minute or so per fish.
  9. Yes we cut right through the ribs.On deans site he does a good job of showing the electric knife cleaning process.