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electric club

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by usc14, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. is there any clubs in the northen part of the state that fish electric motor only tournaments? im aware of the electric bass circuit but i thought there was one that fished places like findley state park . also, is this site a breakaway from go fish ohio? what happened to that site? and are there any tournaments on nimisila? thanx in advance for any info.
  2. smallieguy

    smallieguy Smallmouth Please

    NO SIR this site is NOT a break away from go fish ohio.
    Its 100% better.
    And I can't get an answer on nimisila either.
    Try the series on Ladue, Nippidee runs a 1st rate tournament.
    and no that didn't hurt to say. :D

  3. lol smallie- thanks for the vote of confidence! Your partner returned with us for 05', hope you do as well!!!!

    usc- here's a link to lado direct:

    For whatever reasons we have had just two lado spots open for the year for about a month now!!! How they haven't been taken yet I dont know!!! But dont wait too long- just the two teams are all thats left from a capped 50 team field.

    We are giving away a new 14' alum jon and trailer to 05 point champs on top of 100 cash back to anglers!!!

    Click around see what you think- email any questions.

  4. if i was gonna fish a elctric motor bass circuit i would go to a lake with lots of big fish and to a well run circuit. just so happens ladue is a big bass lake with lots of fish and nipiddee is a first class tourny director that knows what the fishermen want and how to get it for them. he takes alot of pride in what he does. you will find that the fish will be well takin care of and the anglers will be treated first class!! he makes being a tourny director look easy but i know better lol the easyer guys like him make it look just goes to show how good they are. i seen guys drive over 8 hrs to fish a tourny he runs for big boats!! that says volumes right there about what they think. do your self a huge favor and get on that ladue list and go have a good time!!