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electric bow ount trolling motor

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ollie, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. okay guys I need some advice on an electric bow mount trolling motor for my older 18' center console starcraft. I have learned so far that I will want at least 100lbs. of thrust and also I will need a twenty-four volt system. That should be no problem, because my boat already has dual batteries. I think I have an approximate idea on what this system should cost but was curious what any of you might think, and if a previously owned system may be worth considering? Any help will be appreciated. ollie
  2. "J"


    Ok to start off if I remember right and anyone can correct me if I'm wrong but once you get over the 80 lb range on trolling motors you're up in the 36 volt range, I've got a 80 lb motor guide and a 67 lb motor guide and they are both straight 24 volt systems, a friend of mine has a 107 lb motor guide and its a 36 volt system. Like I said I'm pretty sure you're in the 36 volt range with what your looking at. "J"