Egypt road??

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  1. I grew up in the salem area, and if anyone is familiar with this area they'll know what I'm talking about. There is a cluster of lakes/wetlands on the east side of egypt road heading south in the valley. These wetlands seem to have some open water area's that look like excellent largemouth waters. When I was younger and dumber, I went out there with a friend one time and ;) found the best bass fishing I've had in north eastern ohio. I then heard it was private property and haven't been back since.....I'm wondering if anyone knows who owns the property, and if anyone else ever fished there. Any input would be great, thanks and good fishing.
  2. Ya I dont think you are allowed there anymore..But I know what you mean about the fishing..Been there several times myself..

  3. Wow what a blast from my past...I used to fish there too...25+ yrs. ago. Sorry but im no help on who owns it.
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    Get the address or approximate address and look here.

    Parcel ID Address Owner Legal Descr. [SIZE=-1]090150036000 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]9729 EGYPT RD [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]PLESSINGER HOWARD A & [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]LOT 32 NORTH 60 X 75 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]090170021000 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]EGYPT [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]DOUTY DEBRA S & DONALD [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]SEC 33 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]090170021010 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]EGYPT [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]MATHEY PAUL [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]SEC 33 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]090170021020 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]EGYPT [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]SCHISLER C R & F [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]SEC 33 100 X 200 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]090170022000 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]EGYPT [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]HOBBS RICHARD P & SALLY A [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]SEC 33 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]090180004010 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]EGYPT [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]LAFFERRE WAYNE [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]SEC 33 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]090180009000 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]EGYPT [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]DUNN KENNETH C TRUSTEE [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]SEC 33 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]090170024000 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]EGYPT [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]DOUTY DONALD & DEBRA [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]LOT 2 471.49 X 466.75 IRR [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]090170026000 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]EGYPT [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]BELTZ RICHARD K & D [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]SEC 33 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]090170027000 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]EGYPT [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]TUCCI PATRICK [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]SEC 33 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]090170029000 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]EGYPT [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]HOBBS RICHARD P & SALLY A [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]SEC 33 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]090170044000 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]EGYPT [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]DANNER JAMES & NOLA [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]SEC 33 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]090180008000 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]8601 EGYPT [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]SIDDLE JOHN [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]SEC 33 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]090150046000 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]9696 EGYPT [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]MORRIS RONALD E [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]LOT 22 60 X 150 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]090180005000 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]14330 EGYPT [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]GURLEA JAMES C SR [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]SEC 33 [/SIZE]
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