Egg sac?

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  1. Can someone tell me why eggs turn white inside while being fished and how long can i fish with one until it needs replaced. Thanks!
  2. ParmaBass

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    Fish with it until it turns white. That's what I was told.

  3. It depends on how they are cured or if they are curred. You can still catch fish with eggs that are white, but generally you'll do better if they are fresh. But on a good curred egg, I will probably get 10 drifts or so on average.
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    wow how many sacks does a pinner go through in a day?
  5. Fished with a guy the other day that fished a trib, didn't get any hits, threw his rod in the back of his truck, moved to a different location, used the same sack and caught a fish at the new location after the eggs had been out of the water for almost an hour. And the eggs weren't cured. I would say as long as the sack isn't torn or falling apart....Use it! I know I've personally caught several fish on the same egg sack in the past. Just my two cents.

  6. I don't cure my eggs at all anymore, even when freezing them. They fish perfect! You just have to watch the color while fishing, and change when necessary!
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    Fish it until it does not smell anymore. The eggs I use turn white almost instantly but they still work quite well.
  8. Hey thanks guys for all the info! Hit the rock 2day and didnt get a hit. Tried everything. This is my third day in a row of being skunked! Anyways.. Im going 2 fish the chagrin 2marrow hopefully with better luck.