edible toledo area cats?

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  1. i have caught and released plenty of channel cats from the maumee but i have always heard never to eat a cat from the river. where can i find catfish that are "safe" to eat near toledo? i have never tried one and i think it is about time.
  2. Your best bet would be the upground res, at Wauseon, Delta, or to a lesser extent Swanton. We have caught some nice eaters out of the small one in Wauseon.

  3. My first trip up to Fremont to fish in the river produced a few nice sized cat fish for my roommate. I don't know about it being safe or not but he cooked them up and I had some and lived to tell about it.
  4. ress


    The cats caught out of the Findlay res. are worth the trip! The best size I will say is 15 - 20inchs. They cook up easy and are not hard to clean. The cleaner the water the less fishy taste.
  5. ODH has a "do not consume" advisory for catfish for all Lake Erie tributaries. Don't eat 'em....
  6. I would not eat anything that lives in the maumee, ive seen some bad sh*t dumped in that river not to mention all the runoff it gets. Not even resident walleye...
  7. lol, good thing i don't like catfish and only had a bite of it. Ill be sure to pass the information on to him then because he has some sitting in the freezer still.