Edgewater or 72nd (Steelies and Eyes)

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    I was wondering if anyone has been casting from shore for Steelies or eyes at either Edgewater or 72nd. if so, Is it picking up or is it not worth going until thje water temps drop a little more? Not really looking for numbers just generally want to if the fish are moving in yet. Thanks in advance for your Help!!!!!!:)
  2. Hey bud Edgewater has been pretty good in the mourning.Caught a nice buck saturday mourn. was there bout 20 min. before work.My buddy caught his first steelie on sundaymourn went back at 11:00 got a nice hen.See atleast 4-5everytime im there.The concrete platform to the left facing the pier is the spot.

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    as far as i know...eyes arent cruising 72nd regularly yet....some being caught LATE @ night....between 1 and 4....they are catching steel...but not in the numbers that were being caught the last couple of years....just what i've heard....i only get out like MAYBE once a week now