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Edgewater invaded by Medina County anglers

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Wormdunker69, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. :) We came, we saw, we conqured! Chippewa, Lil' Rob and Fish'on arrived there and preceeded to abslound many Smelt! When they arrived at my house with the over 200+ I had everything ready for them to do their thing and commence cleaning them. Out of the night arrived WalleyeGuy to help with the cleaning. A good time was had by all in between cleaning the smelt and eating baked chicken, mashed potatoes and fresh green beans, oh yeah, also many cool ones and Blackberry Brandy. I was uable to go the reason being that I volunteered to be the emergency vechile to run Lil' Rob wife to the maternity ward but it did not happen. A good time was had by all, both at Edgewater and back here! I hope that this report covered everything for the nights events. Any questions, feel free to ask. Just maybe I will be allowed to go tomorrow, I found a replacement designated driver, namely my wife.
  2. Was it still iced up at Edgewater?...JIM

  3. A big thanx to wormdunker and his wife lucy for letting us clean the smelt at there house and giving us a delicious feast!!!!!!! And walleyeguy for coming over and helping us clean the smelt (even though he was to sick to go out and fish) what a trooper .. I had a blast!!!! (as always)... There was just enough open water on the long pier to fish for the smelt with a little help from a long stick that was laying there..... The water was crystal clear!!!!! you could see your jig and maggot down 5 feet... and you could see almost every hit from the smelt...
    we got there early around 4:30 and there was nothing biting or even around...So we played around with the shiners and netted around a hundred to use for perchin or crappie fishin later... then at dusk (around 6 i think??? i forgot my watch..) they started to hit... and from then on it was pretty much non-stop... we didnt stay to long...left around 9 and ended up with around 250 of those tasty little critters... Ohhhhh and by the way when we first arrived we were greeted by the park ranger who warned us that a fellow fell thru the ice this morning and ended up in the hospital!!!! So everyone be carefull if you are thinking about going out on the ice!!!!!!!!!
  4. ...dang I missed it...
    I got the call from Lil' Rob that a fish trip was on but by the time I got back home it was too late... I was going to call him on his cell phone but didn't want to get all worked up with nowhere to go LOL...
    ...I'll be down there next weekend for sure and I'll fish at night using a lantern as usual ;)
  5. Wish I could have been there but was sick Thursday and Friday :( so I took it easy and went to the Norton Boat Show then home and caught up on some sleep. :) Wanted to come over and help clean but woke up around 1AM and figured it was just a bit too late. Might give it a try Sunday evening if I get caught up on chores around the house. :mad: :rolleyes:
  6. Hey shortdrift.. yeah to bad you couldnt make it.. I hope you are feelin better.... we were thinking about going up this evening until we woke up this morning and saw the forcast.. snow turning to rain this evening and winds out of the east souteast @ 15-25 mph... not good for off of the long wall :( .... maybe next weekend ;)

    atrkyhnter.... to bad you couldnt make it either... but we did use your idea last night... took a big popcorn tin and drilled holes in it and used a couple of fire starters and scrap pieces of 2x4s and made a nice little fire pit.. kept the hands warm!!!!
  7. ...wasn't my idea you just saw me using it... ;)
    Sure works well and if you use a small grill top and charcoal instead of logs which give off black smoke (not tasty or eye appealing) you can heat up burgers/dogs wrapped in tinfoil, toast some buns or even heat coffee :D
  8. I am glad you guys had a killer outing. Keep us posted with any updates.
  9. Man just my luck,
    I sicker than a dern dog and miss out on all the stinkin fun,,,
    I hate colds, and miss my fishin,,
    You guys hook a few for me if you get out this week.
  10. Sorry I'm getting around to posting about this so late....

    Thanks again Wormdunker69 for being a pal :D .

    Thanks again WalleyeGuy for the delivery of goodies for the baby :D . forgot to mention our discovery in the marina...a dead whitetail deer frozen up against the rocks! We couldn't tell if it was buck or doe...its head was covered by water and ice.

    We burned clean pieces of scrap 2x4 lumber from when I put the floor in my burned pretty bad smells...I wouldn't be burning that driftwood laying around there.

    No fishing for me this is coming Friday or Saturday, whether he wants to or not :eek: .

  11. Hey Rob PLEASE don't forget photos of the newborn !!!

    We'll have to hookup when your back on your feet and able to get out again... I am wide open for the next month except when I have my kids...
    I went tonight and we caught 95-100 in an hr and 1/2...
  12. I'm not the one off my feet ;)

    I'll get some pix posted, just not sure how quickly. I need to find out if her hospital room has a HPIC for me to use my laptop...we might be there for a while waiting for the little one to arrive.

    Lord only knows what my personal schedule will be like the next month or so. I know my work schedule is quickly filling up...and the wife is not going to like that.

    I've heard that those smelt will be there at Edgewater for a while longer...I hope to get back before they move out...them some tasty critters.
  13. [​IMG]hehehee talk to me in another month [​IMG]