Edenpure Heater

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by olwhitee, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. Anyone own an Edenpure heater? I am looking into heating part of my basement and someone mentioned on of these to me. They look worthwhile, but the initial cost is pretty high and online reviews are varied.

    I would like to hear from anyone that has one or has had one about pros and cons before plunking 375$ down on one.

  2. Don't buy. Even though Paul Harvey may not agree.
    1,500 watts is just that, no matter how you slice it.
    You are going to get the same amount of heat if you set your toaster in the middle of the room. Only difference is the way it is blown around.
    1,500 watts x 3.4129 Btu/Hour = 5,119 Btu/Hr

  3. I went ahead and spent 5 bucks on a month subscription to consumer reports, and they think just like you. This 400 dollar heater ranked last of all.

    We ended up running over to Lowes and getting an 80 dollar Delonghi that was a top pick in the report.

    Thanks for the info, glad I checked it out before buying. It seems like the best heater invented until you look at reviews and realize that just like you said 1500 watts is just that no matter how you look at it.