EBCC West Branch Open RESULTS

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by Big Daddy, May 24, 2008.

  1. Sure was a nice day today. Cfish and I joined in the fun with bttmline and the Eastern Buckeye Crappie Club at their West Branch Open today.

    It was a picture perfect day, but we weren't there to take pictures. The fishing was TOUGH. North winds turned the bite negative... and we had to work for a limit of 10!

    Captured second place this week, but it was my turn with BIG FISH honors... Another nice 14+ incher. Bttmline has all the weights.

    EBCC is a good little circuit. They fish some of Ohio's best crappie lakes too. The club's next open event is at Berlin on June 6 I think. Double check withe Bttmline on that.

    Thanks for opening up the events Tim. Competitive fishing is a ball...



  2. Good job, as usual, BD! Congrats on Second and big fish. Did you fish the east end-looks to be where weigh in took place? I heard there was diesel fuel spilled on the far west end this week from the accident. Were the fish spawners or deeper, basin-ers? Micros working today??

  3. We launched at the East ramp. Cfish and I were West of Rock Springs Rd. all day.

    There is a boom in the water to catch whatever oil/gas may have gone into the water. It's down next to Rt 14 at Industry Rd.

    All our fish came shallow. Nowhere near as many were in as last week... The water cooled off a lot too... was back down to 57-59 degrees... That may have turned the fish off too, all the cold nights.

    Caught a few on Microspoons Dock Demons and Old Reliable jigs. They sure do the job!!!
  4. bttmline

    bttmline E.B.C.C. Founder

    Hey Carl
    Thanks for coming over and joining in with the fun. As you saw we have smaller events but very competitive. I hope to see you again soon, it has been too long since fishing together. I hope the last 2 events go a little smoother. The results will be on our site shortly.
  5. I know that two things worked against you...

    1. Holiday weekend... I'm sure lots of folks had family related plans.

    2. Gas prices...

    It was a lot of fun though. I'd be at Berlin too if I wasn't working the Lake Erie Boating and Fishing Fest on the 7th...
  6. that was a tough tournament my dad was sick i was sick the fish where slow man what a day i went out sunday and monday and caught some real slabs if i figure out how to get some pics on here ill show u caught them with jigs and minnows in 11 feet of water!!!! full of eggs