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EBay motors gamble

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by papaperch, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. Day of superbowl ,auction on Ebay motors had a 25 HP Evinrude , electric start,20 inch shaft,tiller steering and was a 1994 model. Got it for 695 plus shipping which was 160. for a grand total of 855. That beat out anything that was even close around here. Now I am sweating out if the guy was truthful in his description or not. The reason I bid was he did have good feedback on his previous dealings and the fact that the auction ending same time as superbowl held down the competition. Supposed to be here tommorow or tuesday.

    hate to buy sight unseen but got tired of looking after 10 months
  2. I have bought several items on items on ebay, A kicker for my lund, A snowmobile and trailer to name a few. On large ticket items, i have found the key to be able to look over the item after i have won the bid. I have no problems putting a $100.00 down payment to hold the item untill i can give it a good looking over. I make sure that all of the items that I purchase are within a close proximaty (with in 200 miles). Most of the sellers are usually very understanding. So far so good. The oldest rule in business still applies though. Let the buyer beware!

  3. Picked up motor today and it looks better than it did in the pictures on ebay. Looks good now if it runs like it looks. Yeeeha