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EBAY love or hate?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by peon, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. peon

    peon account delete

    just wanted everyone's imput... i love it.. i buy about 10 items a year.. :D
  2. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

    ebay from a sellers' point has gone downhill in a bunch of ways, as far as I'm concerned that is. Their fees went up this year, and the number of people trying to make a living off ebay has flooded the seller market big time. It's not like it used to be years ago, where a seller could make a decent profit. In other words, it's a buyer market on eBay.

    Funny, right down the street from me a retail storefront opened up that will post and sell/ship your items if you don't want to be bothered with eBay. Their fee? 30% of the selling price if the item sells for $500 or less. RIIIIIIIIIGHT.

  3. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Same here, spent half my life savings on ice fishing gear this year!!
  4. Bought lots of stuff for my business on E-Bay.....Saved around ten grand.....Love it...
  5. I love it for buying. I also think sellers do good. What I hate is the way they treat customers. My brother bought a crossbow with a buyitnow of 250 the retail was 350. The seller was a crook who stole someones identity. Ebay then erased all history of it and won't do a thing. Ebay also got my dad real good. He had several cars listed anywhere from cheap to high buck low mile caddys. Someone hit the buy it now on 6 it one night cause he (the buyer) was pissed at ebay. Ebay will not refund the listing cost or credit him unless he holds the items for a rediculous amount of time. How can a car lot afford to hold cars until ebay can straighten out the mess. It is a great place but their abuse of custumers sucks.

  6. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    tried the selling thing ,losing good money if it doesn't sell .got some great deals there is a buyers market. got a 1 million candlepower spotlight for$.99 cents.sold some spoons and the buyer never paid . emailed ebay and filed a report w/them and never heard back,except to ask if i wanted to relist the item.
  7. Ebay can still be a good thing.
    If buying or selling you have to do the footwork to keep it going.
    I did good selling items there.
    better results than the Marketplace adds here.
    I have never had trouble with a buyer not paying in a reasonable amount of time.
    I have a feedback rating of 98 last time I looked and all of them are 100 % satistfied customers.
  8. I use ebay every day Its part of my job. Ebay is great. Its paypal thats screwing things up. Chargebacks are at an alltime high. Heres a link that lets you know whats going on I think Im going to add this to our links page!
  9. Jiggy the thing to remember is that EBAY OWNS PAYPAL!!!

  10. I have used Paypal very limited over the years. It has been basically the occasional eBay purchase. I always figured there was risk in transactions as far as getting paid or getting your product. I never thought about Paypal being the beast in any of this. But after visiting the PaypalSucks web site it gives me an uneasy feeling. Should I be concerned with my Paypal account? I never use it to hold funds and thus far have never sold in eBay. It is basically a credit card transfer.
  11. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    I also love my PayPal account. Very easy way to send or receive money.

    I'll drop out of this debate now...

  12. Im starting to hate it. I just bought a softball bat off there from some guy in St. Louis. Well he cashed my check over two weeks ago which included 2 day shipping. Im still waiting for my bat but I think he may have ripped me off.
  13. I learned NEVER buy anything off ebay unless you use a credit card.Bought a boat from a guy in SC. after a run around for about 3 1/2 weeks i contacted ebay.They said wait & they would take care of it,nothing happened.Called my cc co,gave them all the info.Money was refunded with in 2 days.Next thing I got was a simi nasty email from ebay saying that I should never do that,but they also told me week before that I only had 30 days to get a refund from the seller through them :rolleyes: :confused: good luck mailing anybody a check.
  14. As a Seller/Buyer (179 @100% feedback), I have fun on both sides. I dont do large ticket items, mostly DVDS (buy at pawn shop and sell for profit-pays for the ones I keep), games, rock specimans and selling smaller collectable/antique items and stuff been laying around the house. I have never been burned, closest I came was getting a manila envelope that was open ( who/how?) I just mentioned to the seller in email might want to secure better, but no big deal just wanted to let them know, just cheap VHS movie. Any how they replaced it no charge. I do find it its harder to find bargains, too much "new" and wish you could filter out the overseas stuff. And half the time you can buy new stuff locally & cheaper than in some auctions. Sometimes I look at Amazon used if I dont feel like messing with buying on auction.
  15. While I dont normally use ebay on a day to day basis, I have purchased a few odd ball things with only 1 problem. Wife wanted the whole 9 seasons of X files on DVD and we purchased through Paypal, turns out this guy had a ton of great feedback and really was from china ( never knew that until we won the bid) anyways we fill up Paypal, transfer money, and he disapears for about 3 weeks so we contact PayPal and within 2 days , they refunded our money, so no problem there.

    Now, I always scour the flyfishing stuff on Ebay and it amazes me how much stuff goes for, there are NO good deals on Ebay at all as most stuff worth anything goes "used" for more then you could find "new", Go figure, the rest of the stuff is crap and junk and no one ever bids on them.
    To second an earlier comment, would be nice to do advanced user settings to filter out all overseas stuff as well as filter out all the "Buy It Now" stuff.

    Anyone ever get any good deals on fishing stuff out there??

    7-8 years ago it was great, then it has slowly been turning from a resource to an overused market. I am scouring "Old School" style and am back to private estate auctions.

  16. peon

    peon account delete

    i love ebay and love pay pal but i do hate the shipping rates.... i looked at a body kit for a car and heck yea it was cheap till i seen the shiping rate.. the seller can put their own shipping rate on stuff higher then it cost to ship, to make the money back the lost for the cheap item price.....

    also had a buddy buy a $1500 motor for his truck and never get anything.. get screwed!!!
  17. Minor

    Minor Wannabe Fisherman

    I have bought everything from antique fishing lures to stainless nerf bars and aluminum wheels on ebay . . . never had a single problem . . . have never sold on ebay . . .but when i do buy from ebay . . . i stick to a few things. . . never buy from overseas . . . never buy from folks with low feedback . . . always know the shipping to my door before bidding . . . always know what the shelf price is of new items . . . sometimes it pays to drive across town and buy it off the shelf . .. :) . . .Last but not least . . . don't get bid happy . . . most bidding on an item takes place in the last 12 to 24 hours of an auction (unless it is buy it now) . . . and know your limit . .. if it listed once, you can bet that if you don't win that auction that you will find it again relisted by someone else in the future. . . i usually watch an item for 2 to 3 weeks before I even consider bidding on an item, just to see what the auctions are bringing . . . . (JUST MY 2 CENTS) . .. .GOOD LUCK .. . :0)
  18. Papascot, I know who owns paypal. We have a feedback score of 7900. I know how ebay works I work them. When you sell over 100 items a day You have people trying to use bad credit cards, charge-backs. Ive seen it all. What I say is bad about paypal, they wont work with you to get your money back, and people still keep the merchandise. Glenn
  19. I buy graded and ungraded baseball and football cards off Ebay. I bought a cheapie surf rod(as a backup for the Outer Banks) and pyramid sinkers. The best purchase has been a mid level reconditioned Kodak digital camera for $100.
    I also get memory cards for the digital camera. Only had one problem with a card dealer who never sent my box of cards so I filed with paypal and got a full refund!
  20. Jiggy do you wotk for ebay? I am confused by your statement. "I know how ebay works I work them".????