eBay Halts Sale of Gun Parts

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Nightprowler, Nov 30, 2007.

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  2. Tree huggers Strike again. Man this country is becomming more conservative every day.

  3. Used to buy and sell alot of firearms on ebay befor they changed that back in 1999. Cannot buy a barrel for a gun but I can sell my dirty under shorts, makes sence to me.
  4. Scott,

    I'm guessing there isn't a huge demand for those? :)

  5. I just bought a pistol grip for my mossberg 500 a few weeks ago on ebay. Looks like they still sell shotgun accessories, but I don't see any barrels anymore.

    That stinks, I was going to be looking for a short barrel soon.

    There are a couple of other auction sites that are just like ebay but for guns.
    Auctionarms.com is where I buy some stuff at.
  6. Tim do not kid your self. They are huge and the demand, well my reserve has not been met yet:)
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    LOL...glad i wasnt drinking anything.
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    I for one think E-bay is doing a good thing. E-bay has way too many auctions to keep track of the buyers and sellers of gun related Items and the socially responsible thing to do is to not offer these items if they cannot properly handle them. I don't think anywhere in the bill of rights does it say anything about anonymously purchasing fire arm parts on the internet is a right. The true in-injustice is the socially irresponsible sites that have popped up that allow or offer these services without the means to properly handle them there for fueling the illegal sale and trading of firearms. Call it conservative all you want, I call it a responsible and ethical business choice.
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    the way people are sue happy any more i think they are covering their own butts here...someone buy parts off ebay to assemble a gun to person that legally cant buy one , they take that gun out to kill someone with it,then the victims family try to sue ebay or the seller for their losses...blame society not ebay....for example my grandma came to my house to visit she fell on the sidewalk went to hospital about a month later i get a letter from Medicare saying i need to pay this bill or legal action would be needed my insurance man said someone would have to pay it because i am legally responsible since it was my side walk..my grandma ended up paying it out of pocket but that just shows how stupid things are getting