Eating Gar?

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  1. Has anyone ever had Gar? How was it cooked? How did you like it?
  2. I have never eatin it but I hear it is white and flakey. The roe is posionous so be careful.

  3. tried it for the first time last year, IT IS DELICIOUS!:)
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    Google, "gar balls". I honestly knew a guy who was from the south, and he absoluley loved these. I've personally never had'em but they don't sound half bad.

    haha yeah I know the name of them is childish and will probably envoke some jokes, but they really do exsist :)
  5. i was talkin to a charter serves on the mississippi river and they said that it brings in big bucks per pound talking in the same relm as tuna not shure never had it
  6. That's cool.. Kind of what I wanted to hear. I've looked up some cajun recipes and everyone says the same thing, that they taste really good.
  7. I grew up in Louisiana and have ate plenty of gar. I've never heard of them being poisonous (I'm not doubting it) but they never hurt my Cajun / Creole stomach. We usually didn't mess with the small ones because they can be hard to clean. But catch some big ones and fry them up and it will be like a pork chop.

    Remember, gars have teeth. When we caught them, we would drive their nose into the ground and break their neck.
  8. Good info Frog Legs. What brings you to Ohio if you don't mind me asking?

    I've only shot one so far, and he didn't want to die. But this time around I'm armed with a Tball bat for any dispatching I might have to do. And might I ask how did you clean them? I was just going to use a butcher knife and slice it up. I imagine they'd make for good catfish bait too. Where about in LA did you grow up?
  9. I've always heard that alligator gar are such a boney fish that they aren't worth cleaning. (but I have also heard that Elvis lives in Wooster) Most people say the same thing about northern pike and yet I've had it and it is very good. We use to catch a ton of gar while catfish/striper fishing on the Muskingum river in Devola. Everyone down there all say the same thing regarding the bones. The biggest ones we caught were only about 4 ft. long. so may be they are easier to debone as they get bigger. I know they get ginormous in the larger river systems but never heard of them being good for eating. I'm curious now as to what answers this thread recieves.
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    my father-in law said that they were good to eat but VERY hard to clean...and he's an old school missourian, right off the mighty mississippi. i've caught and tried to clean them...they are mushy under that armor...or maybe the nice was dull...either way...i never tried it again..sorry...don't know about the taste.
  11. Frog Legs, it isn't the fish that are poisonous it is the roe, or eggs. Just make sure you don't ingest any of that and you are fine.
  12. I grew up in a little town named Kaplan, La. It's about 20 miles south of Lafayette and about 20 miles from the Gulf, in the heart of Cajun Country. Family moved north for work. Everyone's returned but me. I plan on being a snowbird in retirement and will likey return to La.

    We would cut the gar under the belly and work our hands inside to clear the meat fom the scale/skin. I pair of pliers would also be handy. I haven't handled a gar in years but I recall it being a hard fish to clean. The bigger the better / easier to clean.

    Thanks for the info on Gar eggs. I never knew they were poisonous.