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    does anyone ever eat the fish in the ohio"? The cats Icaught last time smelled like motor oil. Just wondering!
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    I fish the river a lot, and though some of the fish look tasty (saugeye, walleye), we've never had the guts to try them. I know some of the guys I see at the pike island keep them, but I always figure every time the river is up, every city between pittsburgh and wheeling is probably dumping thier overflow sewage when they can get away with it. Funny thing is, the river has the same eating advisory as Lake Erie on most fish. I sure wouldn't try any bottom feeding species like channel cats. I think there is a no eat advisory on them anyway. I usually stick with the lakes for eaters, and fish the river for fun. Got my biggest flathead, channel, and wiper from there.

  3. Our state is very conservative when it comes to fish eating advisories. Follow them and you will be fine.


    If you think about it most Ohio lakes are tributary lakes. Just dammed up steams and rivers. So all of your heavy metals and chemicals that are bound to sediment particles fall out of suspension when they enter the slowing moving water of the lake. They then settle to the bottom and enter the foodweb. Just something to think about the next time you drop a fish in the livewell from a lake!;)
  4. we all gotta die sometime.....coat it in hot sauce and it will taste fine:p
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  6. haha thats what im thinking! mmmm...cant beat it!
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    Been eating my walleye, sauger and saugeye from the river for problem. Well.......the ol lady does complain about me glowing slightly at night, but no "major" problems....:p
  8. Fryed up about 10# dressed wiper on Mother's Day, Mom in Law and everyone else loved it, knew it was Ohio River fish, Once a month I think is the advisory, and this was the first fish from this spring, so we're doing fine! ;)
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    I do eat them but a hybrid I cleaned this spring makes me wonder. It had both male and female sex organs,yes,eggs and testes both.Gives new meaning to go F y'self....
    Fish contamination is determined using the "whole fish bioassay method". Whats that ,you ask? It's where they take a whole fish,put it in a blender(anyone remember the bass-o-matic from old SNL?) and use the results to test for contaminants. I don't know 'bout anyone else but I don't eat skin,the fat next to it or along the lateral line(dk meat),any of the guts or brain and certainly not the bones. I think if you do a thorough job of cleaning you can eliminate a lot of the contaminants many of which tend to concentrate in the organs and fat,TC1 ps,them saugers sure are tasty!
  10. we have been catching sauger and saugeye and have ate them for a while now and we all are doing fine,I do not think a meal every day would be a wise choice though.
  11. miyot


    I would not eat any fish out of the Ohio river, however some friends will eat a few Sauger & Walleye. You are not likely to see the effects of eating a few fish. Children and Women who want to have children probably shouldn't eat any. The accumulative effect could cause reproductive harm.

    Why would you eat anything out of the river. The smallmouth are in big trouble, and I believe the whole system is far worse than it was 15 yrs ago.

    I buy my fishing lis. because it is the law, but what has the DNR and biologists done for us. They take your money. Period. Fish populations continue to decline. The river and streams of the Ohio valley are not even shadows of their former selves. DNR and law inforcement continue to take money from the poor,(us fisherman), and protect those who are actually responsible for the destruction of our environment.

    Just take a look and Mountain top removal, or the sludge ponds of power plants. And the big one. City sewage. Selenium, Dioxin, PCB's, Mercury, EDC's. The list of contaminents just goes on. The DNR talks a good game. They buy land for us sportsman with money from our lis. fees, etc. Yet these lands can be used for powerplant construction if deemed necessary later by some dude who we have never heard of. Read the fine print. Lands or wildlife management areas purchased with our money can be used for any purpose deemed necessary by the director, any time they want. These are not our lands, they are theirs. Bought with our money. Truth and politics don't mix, kind of like oil and water. Don't eat the fish.
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    for all the responses! Sounds like you can eat them. But....... thinh I'll keep to catch and release. haahahah
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    Asking a bunch of fishermen probably isn't the best way to gain sound advice. If you want to hear it from an expert, contact the OEPA.
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    I highly doubt you are the purist saint you claim to be when ragging on the people who care about our natural resources. You also generalize and stereotype to the point of nausea. The reason power plants and coal mines are began is to feed the American way of life of consume, consume, consume. Unless you can prove that you haven’t a part in any minute amount of environmental degradation, your arguments and rants kind of lose their value. To me, your claims are alike to those of a belligerent hypocrite/urban myth extraordinaire. If you cannot back up your claims with any hard scientific fact, which your argument's structuring signifies, please refrain from contaminating other (possibly impressionable) people's minds with that crap. America needs a new basis on logic and proof opposed to legend, myth, or highly questionable/easily defeatable hypothesis; and your claims aren't fulfilling those needs.

    For your consideration,
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    We have Ohio river fish about one time a week when available,sauger,walleye,hybrids and catfish.Only keep small cat's under five pound and release the larger hybrids.Have not noticed any sign of disease or contamination while cleaning.
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    here we go again. i hope for you sake that you do not live your hole life the way you post. all you have to say are negative things never any thing positive. it must be a sad day every day you wake up with nothing but doom to look forward to. but i guess you have nothing better to do. but i will say you are consistent with your doom and gloom. do you ever post any thing positive? piece of advice, smile man. don't carry so much of the worlds burden on your shoulders. life is good!!!! ENJOY.
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    Mushijobah, I never claimed I was a purist saint. Those are your words. Trusting the EPA is real good advice. They know something is up with the Ohio river, they just don't know what.

    By the way, the list of contaminants and advice I offered comes from WV's statewide fish consumption advisories. I was a coal miner, I burn electricity, and plenty of fuel. Industry could be cleaner, and so could we. If our natural resources are left to you guys, it is indeed to late. I am only truthful. Tell me how good it is. In the last 60 years, how much has the sportsman spent on lis. fees, equipment and on and on. Billions.

    You wonder if the fish are safe to eat, the ohio river fishery is far worse than it was 15 yrs ago. They are stocking like crazy instead of addressing the real problems. This thread tells it all. Just read Viper1 first post. The fact he has to ask this question is proof enough of the trouble our river is in.

    Mushijobah, I have tried to be factual. I am indeed alarmed at what is happening to our streams. I am more alarmed at your indifference. Also this will be my last post on this site. I am tired of trying to wake people up, only to be attacked because I want things to be better.
  18. if i am hungry(i dont eat many fish) i'll keep some sauger or if i get them crappie. i dont eat hybrids because i like catching them and cats because i like sauger more, the bigger fish will have more contaminates but its up to you if you are comfortable eating it. it wont turn you green, i dont know if it will effect you or not, but you wont see it if it does so most people dont care.
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    mushi,hopefully as your education continues,you'll learn how to carry on a civilized discussion/debate without feeling the need to be so condecending to others:rolleyes:
    you seem to make a habit of that for some reason,and though i may not see eye to eye with miyot on some of his thoughts,i think he(and others)deserve a little more with any topic,there will always be people on both sides,but the fact you may not agree with someone,is not cause for trying to belittle/demean them.add your "logic and proof"(if you have any to offer) in a more positive way,and you may be taken more seriously.
  20. The fish advisory says 1 meal per month on fish under 21 inchs, black bass and sauger is 1 per week, and crappie has no limit and is deemed very safe to eat and that is from Ky department of health,Department of Enviromental Protection and Departmet of Fish and Wildlife. Fish over 21 inchs 8 a year.