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  1. anyone been doing anything at eastwood. fished for bass this evening, ended up catching 7 dinks and 1 about 3 pounds. just wondering if anyone else is having any luck there and what they are doing. i'm new to the area and any tips would help.:)
  2. If you're new to the area, I'd suggest skipping Eastwood and heading to the rivers. GMR and the stillwater both hold good populations of fish, Read other links, and do some exploring. Once the weather gets a little warmer, I'll be wading a lot in the stillwater, be happy to show you around.


  3. I love fishing the creeks & rivers, but I got two bass boats and have no idea where a ramp is on gmr. I used to live down in hamilton area and would fish it quite often. I really enjoy lake fishing the most though. always afraid I'm going to rip the bottom of my boat out on small shallow rivers.
  4. I refuse to fish Eastwood, soley because of the large # of stolen cars and bodies they pull out of that lake, not to mention the large amount of male homosexuals that meet there for a romp in the woods.

    there are much better areas in the Miami Valley to Fish I assure you.
  5. MB5322 no offense but what the heck. Out of the hundreds of posts about Eastwood yours has been the most outthere. The lake next to the sports complex, that one they have pulled cars out of and they did pull a dead body out of that one. A guy was running from the police and swam half way across the lake and went under. They found him 4 days later when they went diving for him. When they went diving for him they found several stolen cars that had been pushed in.

    I know ths for fact because i personally know one of the members of Daytons Dive team on their PD. As of the homosexualls you must be looking for them, i have never had any run'ins with them, dont know about anyone else on here.

    Sounds like you had a bad day of fishing on the lake so thats mabey why you dont like it???
  6. FYI

    Eastwood Lake (Dayton Hydrobowl) will be closed for Hydroplane testing May 10th and 11th
  7. mb5322, wow you really must of had a bad day fishing there. FYI I have been fishing eastwood for the past few years and never have i seen "homosexuals that meet there for a romp in the woods"!
  8. I agree, never seen a problem with bodies or homo's there.Now, car breakins, that could happen at about anyplace. I never have taken my boat there either. CC and GMR are the only Dayton area waters my Bass Boats see. You can fish GMR out of West Carrollton at the dam or Moraine at River Rd(same pool). The water is deep enough in the GMR. If you fished it in Hamilton, How did you learn that pool? Most times I just fish the bank at the GMR. You can catch good fish just walking the bank. The snags are whats bad. I guess Cowan is considered Dayton area but 10HP makes it kinda slow using the TM. Cowan is a great lake and lots of fun to fish.
  9. I'm a police officer that works in close proximity to that lake, and there are ALOT of things that go on there that the public doesn't know about. Don't believe me about the homosexuals soliciting in the woods, take a walk threw them on most warm days, but I warned you when you come across something you don't wanna see.
  10. I do believe that shady things happen. I also know five rivers metro says the same thing about GMR @ West Carrollton. I have fished there nearly everyday from January to January for 5+ years and never seen a thing. But then again, I go fishing in the Water. I do not go in the woods, there are no fish in the woods. Stay close to the water "Fishing" and you probably will not see any men fishing for men. As far as thieves, they are everywhere, your car is vulnerable any number of places, whether fishing or not.
  11. i fish the main lake never had a problem, my father took a his boat there about 10 years or so ago and they stole his trailer when it was parked. any other problem than that is not catching fish bank fishin
  12. i just wanted some help on what to do there. I don't care about all the problems there. I just want to know what to do to catch more or larger fish, or am I waisting my time there. I'm not going to the woods to look for homo's, & I keep my stuff locked up pretty good with alarms on it, so that stuff don't bother me. What can I do as far as fishing goes. Thank you
  13. The best luck that I have out there is when I go out in the boat and fish the weedbeds for crappie. I have also had some luck by drifting worm harnesses in the deeper parts of the lake which caught a few bass and saugeyes. IF fishing from shore, I always start off fishing by the outflow pipe.
  14. I have a couple friends that live in Riverside and fish the Hydrobowl throughout the year. They are always telling me they troll for suageye/walleye and catch chunky 3-4 pound bass doing it. I dont know where on the lake, but I know there is grass present. He has asked me to go, but I have too many things going on. So I have no first hand info. He swears there are nice bass offshore. I will probably never know. Just not a lake I want to learn. Troll some minnow style baits, Shad Rap, Husky Jerks and such. Another thing, I have never trolled, so I could do more harm than good in these tips.
  15. My neighbor works for Five Rivers metro, he said that the key to that lake is to fish the humps and the weedbeds. He said there really is no structure to the lake, mainly its a large flat. He said if you can locate the humps from the old drag lines you do pretty good for the eyes. Fish the weedbeds for the crappie and bass.
  16. unfortunately this is an "urban" area, you are going to see and hear about that kind of stuff everywhere you go in this town. i have learned to just deal with it.