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    Have the Crappies started biting yet? Last year at this time, Dayton Daily featured Eastwood Lake with a fella with his grand daughter holding a basket full on fish. He said it was a awesome crappie lake, but nobody fished for them.
  2. Has anyone had any luck out at Eastwood? I want to water testing the boat before I start towing it around and was hoping to do little fishing with my son at the same time. Looking foward to any insight.....

  3. I went to Eastwood on Saturday (4/5) and the boat ramp piers were submerged under water. The back half of the lake where the blue lake is located was completely blocked off because of the high water. Fishing wasn't very good that day. Used some finesse worms and live red worms with no luck.
  4. i went to eastwood a couple of weeks ago. went off of the shore. i went around the inflow pipe, down towards the other end of the lake, and at a spot where my dad said that they used to put in a boat. no luck at all. nothin.
    had a catfish pole out, tried almost every lure that i had and still no luck.
  5. Was out on Wednesday. Water temp ranged from 52-55 degrees. There were three of us beating the banks with spinnerbaits and we caught around 8 largemouths ...nothing with real size (largest about 14 inches). There wasn't one bank that seemed to produce. A skirt with a little red in it worked well. Let me know how everyone is doing out there!
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    went out to Eastwood lake to check the boat out for new year, still no docks out yet but was able to get in with help from a buddy with no problems but if you do go out be careful because there are concrete docks just under the water at both ends of the ramps if you look closely you can see them
  7. Thanks for the heads up about the docks being submerged. I'm hoping to get the boat in the water some time early next week. It looks like we have a nice warming trend aproaching.
  8. Have hit a few crappie and Largemouth on northeast end by Harshman... also, a nice size white Bass.... had to work for them... nothing fast and furious....
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    went to eastwood today, what a waste of time, probably the weather change, but no luck
  10. North East Dayton. In Riverside right off the Harshman Exit of Route 4.
  11. oh, i know where that is, just did not know the name. Never been on the water but wonder about it every time I drive by.
  12. Its a nice little lake. Its great for the kids, i have never not caught something there. I spend most of the time drifting worm harnesses or fishing a minnow under a bobber. The kids end up with an assortment of fish, usually Cats, suageye, bass or Crappie. Fish the weedbeds, the "pipe" or drop offs.
  13. anyone ever fish this lake for carp?or see any big carp here?
  14. i have seen carp on the Rt 4 side of the where the Rocks come into the water. I cant tell what there size were but they are there. i have seen them in that area often. Good luck and i hope the info helps.
  15. thanx for the info and i welcome all i can get
  16. There are some big carp in that lake, cnat eat em thou its posted on the state web cite for warnings.
  17. trust me this ole redneck aint eatin no carp.CATCH,PICTURE,RELEASE everything i catch except crappie....lol
  18. i agree on the carp, but you should try some walley sometime! mmmm tasty! :)