eastwood lake catfish

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Tmonay, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Hey guys I am really new to this forums but thought it would be the best way to maybe pick up some tips.

    Anyways me and my buddy have been to eastwood alot this year. Havent had any luck fishing for catfish. If anyone can give me some tips for where to fish there from the bank and what to use it would be huge help.

    and if eastwood is open at 6 on friday (tommorrow)

    Thanks a lot guys
  2. I have fished it one time. Use livers on the bottem. We fished it for about 4 hours one night an not a bite. So I got a sweetshirt an laid down on the ground an the fish would not stop.

  3. I have fished east wood many time and I've had the best luck on just out from the spill way. Well I would say 100 yards out anyway. One way you can tell is look for the evergreen trees on the bank. Also there is a picnic table under a tree between them. Just out about 50-100 yards there is a big drop off that drops to about 30+ ft. Now I use my boat but you may be able to reach it from the bank.
    I would recommend catfishing at CJ over eastwood. You can catch more by accident there than of purpose at east wood.. Hope this helps.